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Bike Tours into History

Many tours visit historical sites and may even give some insights, however the following tours specialise in and take pride in their history. They are definitely bike tours but the focus is usually more on history than cycling. Often accompanied by a historian, archaeologist or other expert, you'll learn heaps and enjoy it all from a bike!

The Hannibal Stage 1 Barcelona-Avignon-Alba

16 Days 1558 Km
Join Sam Wood, archaeologist and creator of this epic bike tour, following in the footsteps of one of histories greatest commanders. Explore Barcelona, the city which never sleeps Iconic climbs through the Alps - Ventoux, Alpe d'hu Huez, Galibier and Izoard Rest day in the ...

The Hannibal Stage 2 Alba-Pisa-Rome

14 Days 1312 Km
Ride the stunning ridge lines of the Langhe hills through some of Italy’s most prestigious vineyards There is a third mountain range on this tour called the Apennines – not to be underestimated! Sleep through history with castles, monasteries and borgo’s among our accommodation choices ...

The Hannibal Odyssey - Barcelona to Rome

29 Days 2870 Km
Join Sam Wood, archaeologist and creator of this ride of epic proportions as we cycle in the footsteps of Hannibal, one of history’s greatest military commanders. From Barcelona to Rome, cycle on some of Europe’s most beautiful and breath taking bike routes and infamous climbs. Dive into the ...

Napoleon Bike Tour - Bautzen to Vilnius

15 Days Moderate 1412 Km
Leaving Germany’s fantastical land of ice smooth bike paths and mountain forests feels a little like emerging into the twilight zone; particularly at the border crossing. However, once the frontier has become part of our touring history, the beauty of Poland oozes into our cycling cognition as ...

Napoleon Bike Tour - Vilnius to Moscow

15 Days Mod-Advanced 1382 Km
This epic adventure humbles the bike touring genre with its sheer grandeur. We cycle the breadth of Europe; from commencement in Paris, into the heart of Russia, following in the footsteps of Napoleon’s 600,000 strong Grande Armée. Traversing the charming champagne region of France, into the ...

Napoleon Bike Tour - Paris to Bautzen

15 Days Moderate 1414 Km
We meet for the first stage of our Napoleonic odyssey in the City of Love and Light – Paris! Our warm up ride takes us around the Longchamp hippodrome with the locals then and down the Champs Elysees before a welcome aperitif in the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe. A stunning ride through the ...

Hannibal Bike Tour - Alba to Rome

14 Days Mod-Advanced 1312 Km
Stage 2 takes us on across the spine of Italy – the Apennines – and through a landscape of vines, castles, agriculture and beautiful hill towns. Starting in Piedmont, the area known as the Italian’s Italy, we traverse the spectacular Oltrepo Pavese and head into Emilia Romagna where our route ...

Hannibal Bike Tour - Barcelona to Alba

16 Days Mod-Advanced 1558 Km Blog
The meeting point for this stage is the stunning city of Barcelona. However, rather than cycle out of Barcelona among the heavy city traffic we shuttle you to the coast and the take up residence at our lovely first hotel overseeing the Mediterranean. From there we cycle up through Cataluña and ...

Hannibal Epic - Barcelona to Rome

29 Days Mod-Advanced 2870 Km Blog Reviews
Join us on a ride of historical proportions as we ride in the footsteps of Hannibal from Barcelona to Rome. Cycling on some of Europe’s most iconic and picturesque bike touring routes through Spain, France and Italy this epic journey has it all. Divided into 2 stages the Hannibal tour takes in ...

Napoleon Grande Armée - Paris to Moscow

43 Days Mod-Advanced 4208 Km
Considering this epic adventure is set across 7 countries and 2 continents this quote is quite apt! The expedition takes us from West to East on the trail of one of history’s most famous conquerers. Join us on this ride of historical proportions as we ride in the footsteps of Napoleon from ...

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