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Bike Tours into History

Many tours visit historical sites and may even give some insights, however the following tours specialise in and take pride in their history. They are definitely bike tours but the focus is usually more on history than cycling. Often accompanied by a historian, archaeologist or other expert, you'll learn heaps and enjoy it all from a bike!

The Historic Erie

7 Days Easy 175 MLSAVG 35 MLS Deal
This tour is a history buff’s delight as we cruises along the Erie Canal through scenic Central NY with its natural beauty, open spaces, fresh air and amazing US History! In addition to the incredible history of the Erie Canal, we will cycle to many Revolutionary War sites including Fort ...
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Normandy's D-Day Landing Beaches and Historic Bayeux

5 Days Easy 198 KmAVG 66 Km
Thoughts of Normandy are inextricably linked to remembrances of D-Day and World War II. We invite you to cycle to famous D-Day beaches, like Omaha Beach, and other locations connected to the Allied invasion, such as the military cemeteries, man-made harbors and bullet hole-scarred buildings. In ...

Normandy's Peace and War Memorials: From Bayeux to Caen

4 Days Easy 136 KmAVG 68 Km
If the sand and sea could talk, imagine the stories you’d hear in Normandy. We arranged a short bicycle tour in honor of D-Day’s 70th anniversary, and it was so well received, we’re keeping it to honor every anniversary to come. Beginning in Bayeux and ending in Caen, this 4-day bicycle tour ...

Bridge Over the River Kwai

3 Days Moderate 109 KmAVG 36 Km
Explore the Thai-Burma Railway and the Bridge Over the River Kwai while cycling to ancient temples through the friendly countryside surrounding Kanchanaburi. Closer to Bangkok than you think is the famous 'Bridge Over the River Kwai,' part of World War II's Death Railway that linked Thailand ...

Normandy Landmarks: D-Day Sites and Mont-Saint-Michel

8 Days Easy 405 KmAVG 67 Km
Using our many years of bike touring experience, we designed this tour to include some of the world’s greatest historic landmarks. Beginning in Bayeux and finishing in the shadows of Mont-Saint Michel, this eight-day bicycle tour lets you experience all the wonders of Normandy. Among the many ...

Captivating Crete

9 Days Mod-Advanced 368 KmAVG 46 Km
Minoans ruins are the focal point of the Captivating Crete tour. We combine truly joyous rural cycling with exploration of a new Minoan site practically every day. As the first civilization on European soil, the Minoans left exceptional frescos, red ochre palace columns and mysterious written ...

Greece's Sacred Sites

12 Days Adv-Challenging 676 KmAVG 67 Km
Outside magazine named our Sacred Sites tour one of the “6 Best Cycling Tours in Europe. “Lonely Planet named the Peloponnese peninsula the #1 European destination in 2016. No one comes to Greece without paying homage to at least one ancient ruin, and some of Greece’s most legendary sacred ...

Saronic Islands & Antiquties

8 Days Easy-Moderate 279 KmAVG 34 Km
In the southeastern Peloponnese Peninsula is found the Argo Saronic region where everything encourages you to pedal at a gradual pace, or siga siga (slow, slow) as the Greeks say. We bicycle, swim, smell the lemons, shop for quality souvenirs and take enlightening archaeology tours of legendary ...

King Richard III Electric Bike Holiday

3 Days Easy 55 MLSAVG 27 MLS
A 2 night self-guided electric bike holiday, starting at Bosworth Battlefield and cycling through beautiful and varied English countryside to the King Richard III visitor centre. Other highlights of this electric bike tour include the National Trust property of Stoneywell, which is a perfect ...

Cottages to stately homes electric bike tour

3 Days Easy 60 MLSAVG 30 MLS
A self-guided 2 night electric bike holiday following quiet tracks and lanes through the National Forest. Highlights include 2 National Trust properties, the Arts and Crafts Stoneywell House and Calke Abbey, a grand country house estate.

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