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Helsinki Bike Tours
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Helsinki Bike Tours

Helsinki Bike Tours

As a traveler you may only have couple of hours to explore Helsinki. Want to see the city through the windows of a tour bus, stuck in traffic and listen to a 2 hour lecture about Finnish history?

That is fine and they have done it too, but HELtours want you to give you an alternative. Cruising along on legendary Jopo-bikes gives you a chance to see the the contrasts of the city and have real conversations with a local tour guide.

There is a possibility to have a good conversation with a local guide who is always up to date in information from their home town. Helsinki gives you a change to feel the Nordic breeze on your skin. When cruising with enjoyable speed on the streets of Helsinki to the secret corners of changing atmospheres you can find lots of interesting scenery from their home town.
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Helsinki Bike Tour

3 Hours Easy 16 Km
Our Helsinki bike tour has around ten stops. All stops are with different themes that will give you great insight of Helsinki and it’s citizens. With a team of Helsinki born and raised guides we will show you our favorite places and share stories that only locals know. We exchange thoughts ...

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