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Chaniá Crete
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Hellas Bike

Guided Bike Trekking Tours and sporting Mountainbike Tours will initiate you into the unspoilt wonders of Crete.
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The Cretan Monkey Tribe

4 Hours Easy 20 Km
Our new highlight for young families with children between 9 months and 12 years of age. In the fruity valley of Agia there lives a secret tribe. This is the tribe of BABIS, the monkey. They are sportive, they are strong, they are clever. You can become a member of this tribe. After the first ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Meskla – The Orange Experience

4 Hours Easy 23 Km
The starting point for this very easy bestseller tour is a colourful church sourrounded by giant plane trees in the lush, green valley of Meskla. Our trip leads us at a leisurely speed into a Cretan version of the Garden of Eden. Grapes, mulberries, oranges, lemons, figs, kiwis, lotos-fruit and ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Skines – Contrasts of Olive and Orange

4 Hours Moderate 45 Km
On this active tour – with a few moderate rises – we bike on small asphalt roads and well-maintained agricultural trails (30%) through the lush green valley of the river Mavros until we reach Crete's largest orange growing area at Skines. On our route we cross through traditional villages and ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Aptera – Apokoronas Nature & Culture

1 Days Moderate 60 Km
A mix of nature and culture expects us on this trip. We reach ancient Aptera via a scenic ride starting from the Plateau of Malaxa. Nowhere else on Crete will you find as much concentrated history in one spot: Minoan walls, Doric fortifications, a Greek amphitheatre, impressive Roman cisterns, a ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Cretan Jungle Trail – A Subtropical Family Adventure

4 Hours Moderate 23 Km
From our starting point on 750m we enjoy a breathtaking view of the North coast and of the highest peaks of the White Mountains. A first short – but thrilling – downhill ride per bike will bring us to the entrance of the Jungle Trail. An adventurous 1,5 hours walk trough a subtropical "jungle ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Cretorama Panoramic Views of Crete

4 Hours Moderate 30 Km
This newly created medium tour reveals all the treasures of GAIA – the mystical Mother Earth – that has provided so much for Crete. We start our cycling tour with unforgettable views, mountain panoramas of the giant range of the White Mountains, rolling silvery hills covered by millions of olive ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Paleochora – Impressions in Blue & White

1 Days Easy 58 Km
We start our downhill ride from the middle of the island through a bizarre landscape with picturesque gorges right down to the south coast. With clear weather we can even spot the southernmost point of Europe, the Greek island of Gavdos. After our lunchtime break in the white village of ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Crete West Coast – Rugged Charm

1 Days Mod-Advanced 53 Km
Our most demanding Level 1 tour starts at the Gulf of Kissamos and crosses from the North to the West Coast via a steady uphill strech until we reach the small pass at Lousakies. We bike along the spectacular West Coast which impresses us with almost unreal colours of emerald and turquoise ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

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