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Happy Ewe Cycle Tours
Contact Number:
Mobile +64 226229252
Rotorua Central
Rotorua Bay of Plenty 3010
New Zealand
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Happy Ewe Cycle Tours

Happy Ewe Cycle Tours

Happy Ewe Cycle Tours provide a leisurely paced bicycle adventure throughout central Rotorua. Their beach cruises will keep you comfortable while you relax and take in the 20 sights which highlight their historical, geothermal and cultural identity.
Their Tours

Hot Lakes Adventure

3 Hours Easy
Hello! I'm Roge and I run Happy Ewe Cycle Tours, the only city cycle tour in Rotorua! Its a small company (me) that uses bicycles to give you a complete overview of Rotorua. I'll take you to 27 locations that best represents our historical, geological and cultural identity. I'm a local, born and ...

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