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Hansen's Events
Contact Number:
+852 9552 0987
29 D, In House
307, To Kwa Wan Road
To Kwa Wan Kowloon
Hong Kong
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Hansen's Events

Hansen's Rides

Hansen’s Events is a small outfit specializing in exploring that other Hong Kong on foot and bicycle – the aim is to get far away from the
shopping centres and skyscrapers which most people believe synonymous with Hong Kong for a true nature experience.

Hansen's Events was founded by Michael Hansen and has been arranging walks and bicycle rides for the YWCA of Hong Kong, The Harvard
Club of Hong Kong, the American Women's Association, The Australian Association, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and other local
organizations for almost 10 years. Michael has covered literally thousands of kilometres on and off the trails and footpaths of Hong Kong over
the past many years and is looking forward to taking you where few have gone before.
Their Tours

Becky's Bikes & Birds

6 Hours Easy-Moderate
..or a bicycle ride through the wetlands, villages and new towns of Hong Kong's northwestern New Territories. Unavoidably, the ride starts with a 20-minute crossing of Yuen Long’s housing and industrial estates, most of which will be on bicycle paths. Soon, however, we emerge into the open ...

Tour de Tolo

4.25 Hours Easy
33 km trip along the shores of the Tolo Harbour, 30 of which will be covered on bicycle (primarily along dedicated bicycle paths). Before we pick up our bicycles, though, we will take a little stroll around the old part of Tai Wai, one of Hong Kong's oldest villages. Once we do get into the ...

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