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Bike Tours in the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands have long been one of the most desirable holiday destinations in Europe. Cruising and beaches are the obvious attractions but many of the islands have amazing cycling opportunities -  island hopping in the smaller groups or exploring the larger islands.

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The Greek Odyssey

9 Days Easy 250 KmAVG 35 Km
The Greek islands are the ideal destination for the cycle tourist. With quiet roads, hills and beaches it offers the perfect combination of sun, sand and cycling. Evia is the second largest island in Greece, only 2 hours from Athens. As with much of rural Greece it is synonymous with Olive ...
Updated by Brake the Cycle on 21 Mar 2018

Cycle Cyclades

8 Days Moderate 346 KmAVG 43 Km
When travelers fantasize about Greece they usually conjure up stark whitewashed island villages surrounded by a blinding blue sea. That's the Cyclades. Blue and White, just like the Greek flag. Our bike tour uses ferries to hop from island to island.In a Cyclades cooking class, discover the ...
Updated by Cycle Greece on 25 Sep 2017

Saronic Islands & Antiquties

8 Days Easy-Moderate 279 KmAVG 34 Km
In the southeastern Peloponnese Peninsula is found the Argo Saronic region where everything encourages you to pedal at a gradual pace, or siga siga (slow, slow) as the Greeks say. We bicycle, swim, smell the lemons, shop for quality souvenirs and take enlightening archaeology tours of legendary ...
Updated by Cycle Greece on 25 Sep 2017

Crusader Paths

9 Days Easy 120 KmAVG 13 Km
In the 14th century the Knights of St. John arrived to the Dodecanese islands from Jerusalem. Many harbor towns still bear the regal façade of that era with castles, forts, moats, and palaces. The entire old town of Rhodes has been declared a World Heritage Site. Kos and Rhodes are the tour’s ...
Updated by Cycle Greece on 12 Jul 2017

Captivating Crete

8 Days Mod-Advanced 368 KmAVG 46 Km
Minoans ruins are the focal point of the Captivating Crete tour. For 8 days we combine truly joyous rural cycling with exploration of a new Minoan site practically every day. As the first civilization on European soil, the Minoans left exceptional frescos, red ochre palace columns and ...
Updated by Cycle Greece on 12 Jul 2017

Crete: the Minoan Empire Tour

8 Days Mod-Advanced 453 KmAVG 56 Km
With its breathtaking mountains and seascapes, Crete is a dynamic destination for cyclists accustomed to ascents. As Europe’s most southern terrain, Crete makes a desirable cycling destination during winter months when colder temperatures prevail in the rest of Europe. Crete was the first ...
Updated by Cycle Greece on 16 May 2017

Crete Drive & Bike

8 Days Mod-Advanced 383 KmAVG 47 Km
On the self-guided Drive & Bike tour we book your rental car and provide you a bike rack for the vehicle. Instead of biking from Point A to Point B with luggage transfers, you drive from Point A to Point B and ride loops in each region. You can choose to bike or not depending on the weather ...
Updated by Cycle Greece on 15 May 2017

North Cyclades Cruise

8 Days Moderate 346 KmAVG 49 Km
The North Cyclades Sail & Cycle adventure stops in the main harbors of seven islands including car-free Delos, the ancient sanctuary. Average two hours sailing between islands. These islands lie on the high seas where the meltemi winds can be strong in the summer months. The tour is best suited ...
Updated by Cycle Greece on 15 May 2017

South Cyclades Cruise

8 Days Moderate 255 KmAVG 31 Km
Mykonos. Tinos. Syros. Paros. Naxos. Ios. Santorini. The South Cyclades are the most popular islands in all Greece. Why? Because they epitomize that classic Greek isles look — stark whitewashed houses clustered together on a hill or harbor against the backdrop of a stark blue Aegean ...
Updated by Cycle Greece on 15 May 2017

Saronic Sailing

8 Days Moderate 198 KmAVG 24 Km
The greatest feature of the Saronic region is that the ports are not located in the high seas which means the waters are calm. This makes the cruise ideal for first time seafarers who may not have yet developed “sea legs,” or families with youngsters. Most daily bike rides offer a short ...
Updated by Cycle Greece on 15 May 2017

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