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Gourmet Cycling Travel
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Gourmet Cycling Travel

Gourmet Cycling Travel

Luxury Bike Tours in France, Spain, Italy and to incredible events like the Tour de France. Each trip caters to both the serious cyclist, the fun rider and the non cyclist.

Gourmet Cycling Travel combines the expertise of former professional cyclist and international cycling coach Simon Kessler with the knowledge of top chef and wine connoisseur Jonathan Chiri. They love being your personal guides on some amazing adventures!

They are a boutique bike tour company specializing in gourmet food and wine and incredible cycling. On each trip they cater to non cyclists with alternative activities. They love the Tour de France and are passionate about our awe inspiring trips to experience the race each year!
Their Tours

Bordeaux & Basque Country

6 Days
2000 years of wine making tradition are just a bike ride away. We begin the journey an ancient stone’s throw away from Saint Émilion, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The village itself is a wine & history lover’s paradise, the shopping plentiful and the architecture extremely well preserved. Aside ...

Catalonia & Costa Brava

6 Days
Ask any Catalonian and they will tell you that their land is equally steeped in history as that of the great European nations… or that Catalonia stand amongst the great nations. It is easy to see why as it served as inspiration to great artists such as Dali, Picasso and Gaudi, was fought over by ...

Giro d'Italia bike tour

7 Days
Experience the the Giro d’Italia in 2018 and 4 of its best stages of the final week! Guided by former pros and grand tour stage winners! Why choose GCT? Our trips are guided by former professional cyclists and our own in-house chef & sommelier. All rides are lead by grand tour stage winner ...

Loire Valley Bike Tour

6 Days
Just as our days are exciting, our nights are relaxing as we enjoy sumptuous dinners and stay in elegant hotels; from private castles to luxury rooms cut right into the stone hills, here life is art. Longstanding playground of the French royalty, a land with history around every bend and ...

Provence Luxury

6 Days
Breathe in the essence of the ancient countryside while pedaling on a leisurely bicycle ride through sleepy hillside villages and along endless fields of lavender. Enjoy delicious local cuisine and rich Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines. On this, our signature trip, we spend unforgettable days riding ...

Tour de France bike tour

7 Days
Visit the Alps, Provence and Paris! See the big mountain stage to Serre Chevalier (on the Croix de Fer), the final time trial, and Paris finish! Ride the famous climbs Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux and Col du Galibier. Exclusive final stage viewing from our historic Paris apartment. The Tour ...

Tuscany Luxury

6 Days
Ahh Tuscany, home to rolling sun baked hills, an artist’s retreat for over millenia, producer of rich “Super-Tuscan” wines… Tuscany, the very name evokes romantic images. Come bask in the light that artists have put to canvass for centuries, pedal through the vineyards of Italy’s most famous ...

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