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Gordon Active Bike Tours
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+972 3-7659000
Raul Wallenberg 24
Building B
Tel Aviv 11111
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Gordon Active Bike Tours

Gordon Active Bike Tours

Gordon Tours, was established in 1972 and, is one of Israel’s largest tour operators. It is engaged in both incoming and outgoing tourism, with a specialty niche in bike and active tourism.

Gordon Active is their newest subsidiary and was launched in order lead the way in active holiday experiences in Israel.

Amir Rockman, together with his brother Asaf, has been developing and leading high-quality bicycle tours in Israel for several years and between them are able to provide every element of a world-class tour from bike rental and maintenance, to site and road guiding.
They come from a family of dedicated cyclists and are two of Israel’s leading experts on cycling and hiking tourism in Israel. Amir is responsible for staff training, logistics, and program development at Gordon Active, whilst Asaf sees to all of biking needs in the field.

The unique combination of high-quality tour provider with expert biking and active tourism knowledge is what sets Gordon Active apart from any other providers; and it is their unparalleled combination of forward-thinking staff members, best-quality gear, experienced professional niche guides, and dedicated support team, that ensures you of the finest cycling, hiking, and multi-sport vacation possible in Israel.
Their Tours

Jerusalem to Eilat

7 Days Moderate
Jerusalem is nestled high up in the Judean Hills, with its European climate and bustling culture; Eilat sits on the Red Sea, Israel's access to the Indian Ocean. In between the two lies the wide expanse of the Negev Desert. In history it has seen great caravans travel on its extensive trade ...

Northern Star

6 Days Moderate
A 6 day program featuring the highlights of the North of Israel. The Northern Star uses some of the most picturesque routes in the country to expertly navigate you through the rolling hills and wide valleys. Including visits to Caesarea, The Golan Heights, and the Sea of Galilee this is a ...

Jerusalem Road Biking

2 Hours Easy-Moderate
Jerusalem’s early mornings are a special time; the streets are still relatively quiet, the sun is not yet high in the sky, the tourists are still in bed or enjoying breakfast, and there is no better time to race through the city on an exhilarating ride designed to get your blood pumping. We ...

Jerusalem Night Ride

3 Hours Easy-Moderate
Riding through the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem under the cloak of darkness is not only exhilarating, it’s an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. When the sun sets on Jerusalem the Old City starts to go to sleep. The churches, synagogues, and mosques quieten ...

Bike Be'er Sheva

2 Days Easy
Be’er Sheva is the largest city in the Negev, and its capital. With a population of 200,000 and home to the Ben Gurion University the city has undergone colossal development in the last 2 decades, and is today a leader in education and research based industries. Alongside the modern is the old ...

Bike & Sail

2 Days Easy Reviews
Experience the fun of the city and sea with our Bike & Sail Tel Aviv program. Start off with a 2 hour sightseeing ride through the city where you will be expertly guided through the historical and cultural landmarks of Tel Aviv. As you head to Jaffa Port, you can stop for a snack along the way ...

Bike Tel Aviv

4 Hours Moderate
Enjoy the great weather, the beach, and the lifestyle of one of the world’s top sea-side cities. The city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa is criss-crossed with bike paths and there is no better way to experience the city than joining the tens of thousands of native Tel Avivians in their preferred mode of ...

Tel Aviv Port to Port

3 Hours Easy
Perfect for all types of groups from Bar/Bat-Mitzvah celebrations to Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties. Our Port to Port ride takes you on a fun tour from the Tel Aviv port, along the Mediterranean coast to the Port of Jaffa. The ride itself is not challenging and is perfect for larger groups who ...

Pedal in the Footsteps of Jesus

9 Days Easy-Moderate
Pedal in the Footsteps of Jesus offers those who chose it the opportunity not just to visit the important pilgrimage sites in country, but to truly experience the land of the Bible. Only once one has navigated the valleys and hills, the streams and the deserts of this land can one have a true ...

Sea of Galilee

1 Days Easy
Enjoy the countryside of Israel on 2 wheels.

The Southern Route

9 Days Mod-Advanced
This 9 day route will take you on a wonderful journey through the northern edge of Israel. Starting from the Mediterranean, you will ascend to the Holy city of Tzfat, across the Hula Valley, up to the Golan Heights, and around the Sea of Galilee. The route is fully paved and can be done on road ...

Israel for Active Families

11 Days Mod-Advanced
Whether you are reading this as a parent, grandparent, community leader, or teacher, you will see an opportunity unfold before you. To celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel with you nearest and dearest around you is an experience that will not only stay with you forever but will carry your ...

Israel Deluxe

11 Days Easy-Moderate
Our Israel Deluxe Bike Tour begins on Friday and takes you on a magical tour up the Coastal Plain and into the northern region of the country. Passing some of the most beautiful and important sites and sights the country has to offer, your licensed guide will not only escort you through the land ...

Judean Hills MTB

8 Hours Moderate
Just an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, the Judean Hills offer some of the most exciting single track trails in the country. Known as Israel’s wine country, the Judean Lowlands or Foothills provide a perfect setting for a half day or full day ride. Starting in our warehouse in ...

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