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We love holidays with a difference and created to offer a great selection of inspiring holiday courses in countries all around the world where you can learn a new skill. We are fanatic about learning holidays and specialise in offering holidays where you can 'go learn to' speak a new language, cook, dance, paint, take photographs to be proud of, practice yoga, horse ride, scuba dive, surf, make jewellery, create your own perfume, practice Pilates, play the Flamenco guitar and even fight like a gladiator.

Our holiday courses appeal to a wide variety of travellers and are especially popular with solo travellers who travel to take our holidays from as far a field as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, the Middle East, Asia and across Europe so not only will you meet like minded people on your holiday, you are also likely to meet people from all over the world which all adds up to a more exciting holiday experience.
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Yoga And Cycling Holiday - Village House

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Let yourself go with the perfect blend of exhilarating cycling and peaceful yoga on this yoga and cycling holiday set in the pretty pedestrianised village of Casperia, just 1 hour north of Rome to fully relax and physically, mentally and spiritually recharge more details...
Updated by CTG on 28 Mar 2017

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