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A Taste of Israel
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8 days
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A Taste of Israel

From the Green Hills of the North to the Red Sea in the South

8 Days

This bike tour offers the rider a most diverse array of landscapes and riding conditions from the rolling green hills in the North, through the golden desert, and down to the Red Sea. The tour begins at the tributaries of the Jordan River and during the first two days of biking, follows the river down to the Sea of Galilee. The third day presents a track along the Sea of Galilee and its historical sites, bringing the bikers to Kibbutz Sha’ar HaGolan.

After the first three days of biking, we will load the bicycles on a trailer and drive via the Jordan Valley and the Judean Hills to Jerusalem, the holiest of cities to the three monotheistic religions.

We will enjoy a half day of urban biking amidst the distinctive neighborhoods of Jerusalem, visiting both sections of the unique city, the western city and the Old City and the winding lanes and alleys leading to the Temple Mount.

Following our ride through Jerusalem, we will set out on a three day track through desert terrain. We will cycle down South to Mitzpeh Ramon, the largest crater in Israel.

On the following day, we will continue biking south through the Arava to Timna Park, where we will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of singles tracks amidst some of the most unusual natural landscapes in Israel. Our final day of biking will take us from Park Timna to Eilat, the most southern city in Israel that lies on the coast of the Red Sea.
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