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Go Bike Israel

Go Bike Israel

We specialize in quality mountain bike trips throughout Israel for organized groups and individuals. With thousands of kilometers of routes to choose from, we provide exclusive trip packages and a unique touring experience with well marked and beautifully arranged single track routes and bike trails for all levels of mountain bike cyclists.
Their Tours

Israeli Star Tour

5 Days
Jesus Trail by Bike Tours offer a guided tour with the best guides Israel can offer. We cut the Itinerary to three riding days, but it can be done by very trained and athletic riders in two days or four days for riders that want more comfortable and leisurely day ride.
Updated by CTG on 16 Dec 2016

A Taste of Israel

8 Days
This bike tour offers the rider a most diverse array of landscapes and riding conditions from the rolling green hills in the North, through the golden desert, and down to the Red Sea. The tour begins at the tributaries of the Jordan River and during the first two days of biking, follows the ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Dec 2016

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