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Global Cycle Rides

Global Cycle Rides

GCR operate guided road rides in 34 major cities worldwide.
We offer individual or group cycling tours geared for busy executive travellers.

Rides include quality road bike rental, the best local cycling routes curated by GCR’s experienced ride leaders and great coffee stops.
Their Tours

Seoul – Namhansanseong Loop

3 Hours Moderate 69 Km
This ride will start off in Seoul, and quickly joins the Han River bike path. It heads south along the Tancheon bike path, and then leaves the bike path as it heads towards the main climb of the ride. The climb is about a 3 km Cat 3 climb. If the sky is clear, beautiful views of the both Seoul ...
Updated by CTG on 4 Jan 2017

London – Richmond Park

2.5 Hours Moderate 44 Km
This ride offers great views of London land marks when crossing at Blackfriars Bridge, including riding past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Before you know it you are surrounded by nature and the beauty of Richmond Park – be on the look out for wild deer and parakeets. You also get the ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Mar 2016

London – Surrey Hills

1 Days Mod-Advanced 83 Km
Escape to the country for a weekend on roads made famous by the 2012 Olympic Games.Ride The world famous Box Hill. Part of the 2012 Olympic Route and Ride London Classic – Test yourself on a selection of other local climbs – Fantastic scenery and views in traditional English countryside.
Updated by CTG on 21 Mar 2016

Beijing – Marvellous Miyun

1 Days Moderate 92 Km
To the North East of Beijing lies Miyun which offers some of the best cycling in the region. The quality of roads, scenic vistas and the impressive S 310 road with its sinuous curves cut out of the mountain side, leave even the most travelled cyclists in awe. Who would imagine that such world ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Mar 2016

Beijing – Wenyu Loop

2.5 Hours 70 Km
Looking for a ride to stretch your legs in Beijing. The Wenyu River loop is a popular early morning route for Beijing cyclists and on most days you’ll find cyclists out getting in some training before work. The route starts in the City and takes the least busy roads out towards the airport ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Mar 2016

Beijing – The Great Wall Morning Ride

6.5 Hours Moderate 77 Km
No visit to Beijing is complete without seeing the wondrous Great Wall of China. And while you’re at it you might as well squeeze in a ride too, right ? We’ve designed a unique experience for the travelling cyclist to combine both and have you back at your Hotel by lunch - your hosts won’t even ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Mar 2016

Milan – Naviglio Pavese

2.5 Hours Easy 50 Km
We start in the quiet streets of Milan with little traffic, then go east to ride alongside the Naviglio Pavese canal. The Naviglio Pavese is one of the canals making up the Navigli system in Lombardy. It is 33 km long and connects the city of Milan to Pavia, through a flight of six locks to the ...
Updated by CTG on 10 Jul 2015

Calgary – Big Hill and Bears Paw

1.25 Hours Moderate 36 Km
This Calgary ride is a good one to put your legs into, as a quick weekday workout in the great Canadian outdoors. This route begins with our very own local Cat 4/3 climb with elevating views of the town. It offers generous shoulders to ride in and then links to the lucrative residential area of ...
Updated by CTG on 10 Jul 2015

Calgary – Springbank, Bragg Creek

3.5 Hours Moderate 96 Km
Our Calgary rides start in Cochrane, 18kms out of town, but it is well worth the effort to get there, because it has some of the best rides in Calgary! This particular ride gives glorious continual views of the Rockies, taking in the picturesque Springbank residential area before heading out to ...
Updated by CTG on 10 Jul 2015

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