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German Cycling Tours
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German Cycling Tours

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7 Days Moderate
The romantic Rhine Valley, which has been considered an embodiment of romanticism for centuries, has kept its alluring charm. The many charming and handsome half-timbered buildings, the beams and carvings, the alcoves, archways and flowerdecked windows are a sheer delight to the eye and ...


7 Days Moderate
This tour is especially for families and people who like to enjoy the ride. The short distances between 30 and 50 km per day through flat landscape allow mature kids to participate too.

Upper Bavaria - Allgaeu

6 Days Moderate
This gorgeous tour starts at the Lake Constance in Lindau – The happy end of Germany – as the town calls itself. Ahead of you the scenery of the Allgaeu Mountains of Bavaria, you will be climbing through small valleys up to the highlands of the Allgaeu, will be going through the terrific ...

Elbe River - Upstream

6 Days Moderate
You are riding up the Elbe River. Probably you will be cycling easy. Because the wind is usually coming from the north, you will not have to face the headwind. The path is going along the Elbe Valley and therefore you have not to manage any climbs.

Elbe Valley - Saxon Switzerland

5 Days Moderate
This 5-day tour combines the challenge of a low mountain range route with the beauty of Elbe Valley and cultural excursions. You start the tour in the Saxon Switzerland and cycle two days through the winding green, woody mountains and the national park with its Sandstone Mountains, canyons and ...

From Hamburg via Lübeck to Schwerin

7 Days Moderate
The Hamburg-Lübeck-Schwerin tour leads through three provinces in the former German-German borderland. The unique flora and fauna of the border area with its nature reserves (Elbe River, Schaalsee Lake) alternates with the cultural and architectural highlights of the towns Hamburg, Lübeck ...

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