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Set up in 2007 by Andy Welch and Davit Chokheli, Georiders' mission is to open up the trails to visitors whilst nurturing and supporting the local cycling community.
Their Tours

Gudauri Weekend Enduro Trip

3 Days
After the transfer to Gudauri resort we take the uplift and descend the thrilling newly opened bike trail at 5000m. We take a break for lunch before continuing our day of non stop action on this jump, drop and berm filled trail. There is a chance to explore the natural trails too, taking in some ...

Svaneti Adventure Mountain Bike Tour

6 Days
Discover the treasures of the UNESCO world heritage area of Svaneti with traditional stone defence towers dating back to 1st century BC. Climb up to waterfalls on forest singletrack. Sleep so well in the peace of the mountains you will feel like your senses were just switched back on. Mestia ...

Tusheti Adventure Mountain Bike Tour

7 Days
Legendary amongst Georgians, the people of Tusheti have a way of life unchanged for centuries. The village communities are rooted into place where the energy of the mountains runs deep through the veins. Shepherds tend to their sheep and cattle on horseback. Crafted stone towers stand watch ...

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