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Galloway Cycling Holidays
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Kirkcudbright Scotland
United Kingdom
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Galloway Cycling Holidays

Galloway Cycling Holidays

Gentle Adventure Cycling Holidays in Dumfries and Galloway, the hidden gem in South West Scotland. They offer guided and self-guided tours. "You are more than welcome to go fast if you want. We can do both."

Their mission is to provide the best cycling holidays in the known world. "No second best."
Their Tours

Kirkcudbright Hub

3 Days
Kirkcudbright ( pronounced Kir-Coo-Bree ) ... is one of Scotland's most vibrant small towns and right in the heart of great cycling country. We call it home for our single base holidays, our HUB ROUTES. We are not the first, many before have also called it home; from Celtic tribes to the Roman ...

Magical Stewartry

3 Days
Galloway's coast has always had more than its share of history. The remains of long abandoned settlements are dotted along the coast, with ruined churches and graveyards now in the middle of fields. People raised stone circles and cairns, and left behind cup and ring carved art thousands of ...

Galloway Highlands

4 Days
Beyond the coast the land rises to higher ground and the population thins to almost nothing. These are wild glens with a raven dark night sky. This is the place for battles, the Outlaw King - Robert the Bruce and history to be written. It feels like another world as you gain height from the ...

South Coast 200

7 Days Mod-Advanced
From maol in gaelic, a rounded hill, summit or mountain bare of trees. The Mull of Galloway is all of these but also beautiful and remote too. You begin at the lighthouse, with the sea at your right shoulder. It will stay there for the next 200 miles until you reach the border with England at ...

Highlands & Stewartry Tour

6 Days
The pedal cycle was invented in 1839 by Kirkpatrick Macmillan in a blacksmiths at Keir Mill near Dumfries. Visit the old Smithy and the grave of Macmillan on your ride out along the River Nith valley from Dumfries. There is also the 12 Apostles Stone Circle to visit and you cycle by and ...

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