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Freewheeling Adventures
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Freewheeling Adventures

Freewheeling was conceived in 1987, and the adventure has now grown from ten new bicycles in a garage to a wonderfully-staffed office and well-maintained bike fleets, and from six adventures in Eastern Canada to more than 60 tours around the world. Today, your experience is enhanced both by all we have learned in 30 years, and by the technology we can use to plan all the details of your active holiday. Your joy is our joy; and that is our purpose. We acknowledge that we are different from other tour planning companies. We are based in rural Nova Scotia, and we choose to stay small. We do not “do” travel shows; we do not succumb to the financial temptation to put 16 or 30 people on a small group trip; and we work together in an atmosphere of fun and team spirit. There are only six of us year-round, working in a small office in a beautiful setting. We are friends and family; we care about the experience with which you have entrusted us; and when you join us for a week of active exploring, we encourage you to find your inner child as you drop the concerns of the workaday world. Laughter and sharing are our intentions and rewards. Please join us as soon as you have a chance. We will show you good food, quiet routes, comfy sleeps, unobtrusive service, and genuine care. The trips proposed herein are blank canvases of organization upon which, with the help of our guides, partners, and friends, you can paint rich tapestries of colourful experience. As a partnership between your exploratory desires and our experience and capabilities, your holiday can unfold in the true spirit of adventure.
Their Tours

Berlin to Copenhagen Bike

10 Days
This adventure follows a newly established bikeway through Northern European plains and islands, between two of its most bike friendly metropolises. The cycling begins in Neustrelitz, just outside Berlin, on a flat, paved path through the protected woodlands and lakes of two of Germany’s most ...

Crete Bike Tour

8 Days Adv-Challenging
Crete, the central island in the eastern Mediterranean, boasts unique fauna, and "flowers of Crete" – a springtime miracle. Although it is the biggest Greek Island, it is very narrow. You can stand at heady heights and see the Mediterranean in both directions. From turquoise bays and ...

Scotland: West Coast

7 Days
The quiet single-track roads of Western Scotland follow glens, lochs, rivers, seashores, and across wide open moors, and are so quiet you will often feel like the sky and the ever-changing view are all yours. We pick you up in Glasgow, and start cycling near Oban with a warm-up on the Crinan ...

Balkan Bike

8 Days
In May 2005, emerging from a tumultuous history, Montenegro became Europe’s youngest independent state. Since then, tourism has begun to develop quickly, yet most of the country remains well off the beaten path of even the most well traveled explorer. Less affluent then its Adriatic neighbour ...

Moselle River Bike Tour

6 Days Easy
This is one of Europe’s easiest and most peaceful bicycle tours. The banks of the Moselle River are lined with stupendously beautiful buildings – colourful houses, half-timbered shops, and medieval castles. Quiet lanes and bike paths follow its meandering course through vineyards over 1000 years ...

Provence Bike

7 Days Adv-Challenging
This is rural France at its finest – a journey in time and beautiful, sun-dappled space, with mesmerizing smells, entrancing scenery, captivating history, unparalleled southern French hospitality, and Provençale tastes combining heaven with earth. The cycling is fabulous, on quiet roads through ...

Loire Valley Bike

7 Days Easy
This stunning bicycle tour through the Loire Valley has it all: the finest examples of renaissance architecture, the rocky histories of the French monarchy and relaxing countryside riding filled with soaring sights, sumptuous smells and tantalizing tastes fit for royalty! Whether you want to ...

Dordogne & Lot

8 Days
These river valleys have been populated for millennia, for very obvious reasons; their beauty and fertility are unsurpassed, and the profusion of châteaux suggests the passionate history of this coveted landscape. Cycling from one medieval village to another, you will marvel at how little things ...

Auxerre to Beaune Canal Bike

9 Days Easy
Cycling in Burgundy, with its highly developed bicycle infrastructure, is one of the great pleasures of Europe. You will ride along towpaths next to the canals Bourgogne and Central, built between 1784 and 1843 for improved transportation of firewood, farm bounty, and an abundance of wine, to ...

Brittany & Normandy

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Gliding along quiet, hedgerow-lined roads of Normandy and along the emerald coastline of Brittany, this memorable ride takes you into the heart of rural and beachside France, where the pulse includes fabulous French gastronomy and some very civilized notions of European holidaying. Bicycle paths ...

Bordeaux to Carcassonne Canal Bike

8 Days Easy
Get intimate with rural France as you trace the Canal des Deux Mers – an ancient thoroughfare linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. In the Middle Ages, when transport over land was slow and dangerous, canals were constructed to ship wares all over Europe quickly and more ...

Vienna to Prague

8 Days Mod-Advanced
During nearly 50 years of communist rule, this area was closed to travelers. The villages were charming but neglected. Now cafés are popping up and you can visit places like the Bohemian crystal glass factories, where old crafts are being revived. This trip follows a corridor of countryside ...

Prague to Dresden Elbe River

7 Days Easy
Steeped in culture, this tour is as much an exploration of history as a journey through lush landscapes. Starting at the heart of Bohemia, Prague boasts rich gothic and baroque architectural works which have made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will encounter a plethora of vineyards on the ...

Slovenia Bike

8 Days
Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe, where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian Plains and the Karst Plateau, but this is a delightfully less-developed country than much of Europe. You will experience amazing contrasts during this week of relatively easy bike touring, including the ...

Andalucia - Granada to Malaga Bike

7 Days
Andalucia, Spain’s enchanting southern province, holds a lot to attract the serious cyclist. As long as one avoids the coast, there are fantastically quiet and stupendously beautiful rides through landscapes like no other. The roads frequently follow the landscape without alteration, providing ...

Wales: Beacons to Snowdon

7 Days Adv-Challenging
Shrouded in Celtic mystery, the countryside of Wales is both enchanting and perfect for cycling. There are steam trains, mining caverns and ancient castles to see, and the breathtaking moorlands combine with ocean views to make it difficult to describe without using superlatives. The inns we ...

Budapest to Krakow

8 Days Adv-Challenging
Slovakia – the Czech Republic’s poorer partner in the days of Czechoslovakia - came out of the Velvet Revolution, quiet and mysterious. She removed the Eastern bloc uniform to reveal a refreshingly sincere, kind place, so far unencumbered by many trappings of the Western World. You will begin in ...

West Coast Bike

7 Days
The quiet single-track roads of Western Scotland follow glens, lochs, rivers, seashores, and across wide open moors, and are so quiet you will often feel like the sky and the ever-changing view are all yours. We pick you up in Glasgow, and start cycling near Oban with a warm-up on the Crinan ...

North Scotland

7 Days
There is a fresh feeling of clean air, water, and mind when you ride the less-traveled moorlands and coastlines of Scotland’s dramatic north. The isolated and profoundly scenic landscape, the ineffably polite and friendly inhabitants, and the echoes of a deeper past among the ancient castles and ...

Noto Peninsula Bike

8 Days Easy
The enigma of Japan will just begin to reveal itself to you in this dynamic combination of active and cultural experiences. You will begin in Kanazawa City, riding into the rustic region of the Noto Peninsula in the Sea of Japan. You will play on beaches, walk in Yanagida Botanical Gardens, and ...

Venice to Florence

8 Days Easy
This flat and easy itinerary links together Venice, the “Queen of the Adriatic,” and Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. You will spend your days leisurely pedaling between towns and villages along the Po River Delta, the flattest area in all of Italy. During evenings, you will ...

Tuscany Bike

8 Days
Tuscany straddles the Apennine hills in the heart of Italy, where cypress trees, olive groves, vineyards, and soft, verdant hills create a landscape reminiscent of Renaissance paintings. Giotto, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci traveled these same landscapes centuries ago, and fortunately ...

Puglia & Basilicata

8 Days Easy
This quiet and peaceful region remains seemingly untouched by mass tourism, and is an insight into ways of life that have been maintained in Southern Italy for centuries. The terrain is bicycle-friendly, and the climate is perfect for spring and autumn visits. The inns are welcoming, and the ...

Innsbruck to Venice

8 Days Easy
Leave the snow capped Alps behind as you cycle towards the Italian Po plains, and the Rennaissance jewel of Venice on the Adriatic. Lush green valleys, forests, vineyards and orchards will make the backdrop for your adventure, and a boat ride the length of Lake Garda is a highlight. You will ...

Galilee and Golan Heights

8 Days
A wonderful way to visit some of the best sites Israel has to offer, by bike and on foot. You will cycle paved and unpaved roads, with short forays by foot throughout the vast and lush landscapes of north. Your experience includes visits to medieval Crusader fortresses, Israel’s most extensive ...

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