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Cycle Tours Global Partnership

What does a Cycle Tours Global (CTG) partnership mean

  • Preferential treatment
    • Your tours will be updated by us at least twice a year using one or more of
      • Your website
      • Your manual changes to the spreadsheet downloaded from your dashboard
      • File in your own format (e.g. XML/XLS/CSV) for us to map
      • Email or other notifications
    • Each time they are updated, listings move back up the list of search results
    • Your tours are more likely to be included in newsletter and other campaigns
    • 50% dscount on premium upgrades
      • Appear above free listings in search results
      • Get listed in featured tours on the home page
      • Be included in newsletters and other CTG marketing
      • Add video and more images to attract more users

What does a partnership cost

This will depend on your currency and how many tours you operate - or want us to list. The 2017 rates (ex tax) are:

Per Annum 1-19 tours 20-49 tours 50-99 tours 100+ tours
 USD   69.00  139.00  279.00  349.00
 AUD   91.00  183.00  367.00  459.00
 EUR    65.00  132.00  264.00  330.00
 GBP    57.00  114.00  229.00  286.00
 NZD    99.00  200.00  400.00  501.00
 CAD    92.00  186.00  374.00  468.00

Why become a Partner

  • Gain increased access to a growing audience of people who want to holiday on bikes
  • Lack of time to keep information up-to-date
  • Keep tour profiles high in search results
  • Support Cycle Tours Global and our cycle tourism mission
Partners do need to be registered with Cycle Tours Global and accept the standard terms and conditions.

How to become a Partner

Just fill in this short form and we'll send you an invoice and payment details.