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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use Cycle Tours Global for free and is it as effective?
Yes you can use the site for free on a self-service basis. If you want us to keep the listings updated for you please look at the partnership option. A premium listing will keep your tour ranked higher than all free listings (regardless of whether or not you are a partner).
And yes it will be effective if you have great content, great images and a great title. And by regularly refreshing the listings they will stay near the top of tour searches.
If I operate the same tour with options (eg guided/self-guided, different durations etc.) how can I show this?
You may choose to use a separate listing for each or list the main tour and show the variations in the Options text box with a hyperlink - the URL must include http:// for the link to work.

It is possible to show more than one type of support (e.g. guided and self-guided) so the tour will come up in search results when each filter is used.

For my account, can I change the country or default currency?
Only by sending a request using the Contact Us form
Are credits refundable if I haven't used them all?
No but they don't expire so can be used for new listings or even the next year.
What is a credit pack and why would I buy one?
The credit pack is just pre-loading funds onto your account to then be used for premium upgrades - the advantage is that there is one only PayPal or credit card transaction but, more importantly, there is an incentive of additional free credits (depending on the pack size purchased).
Can I use Cycle Tours Global if I don't have a website?
Absolutely. You can link each of your profile pages to a URL but you don't have to. However you should have an email address registered so that people can contact you directly.
And in fact you can use CTG as your own mini website - there is a front (or operator) page with a list of your tours. You can aslo add a summary about your company as well as upload your logo, an image and a video link - as an example see Infinite Mountain Adventure.
If we haven't answered your question here then please contact us.