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Information for Tour Operators

How and why would you want to engage with Cycle Tours Global?

Cycle Tours Global (CTG) is first and foremost a resource for tourists who want to cycle and cyclists who want to tour. Would you want your tours listed, shown and promoted directly and only to people who want your information?

Our mission, as a not-for-profit organisation, is to promote cycle tourism as an environmentally, ethically and economically sustainable industry. We make as many options as possible freely and easily available to the increasing number of people who visit our website every month - and so encourage and tempt people to holiday the right way (i.e. on a bike!).

The website is free for all users - cyclists and tour operators. Before you register, have a look for your tours - we may have already profiled them! In which case you can claim the account (using the green button on the right side of the tour profile page) to manage the listings yourself.

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Why we engage with tour operators

  • To get your support or endorsement
  • To keep tour information as up-to-date and enticing as possible
  • To get great images to support the listings
  • To earn income to support the site

Why Tour Operators engage with us

  • Preferential display in search results as the order is determined by the date of your most recent update
  • No sales or lead generation commission or payment
  • Free to use the website
  • Activate messages or leads from each listing
  • Statistics on each listings - views, clicks and messages
  • Download own listing information

How to make the most of a free listing

  • Revisit and update the listing regularly (this is how the search result order is determined)
  • Add a great image
  • Make your tour title content and content compelling
  • Enter data in the fields used by the search engine where relevant
  • Encourgage past participants to post a review

what paid options are available and what are the advantages

  • Premium Upgrade
    • Listing displayed in search results above free listings
    • Featured listing on the home page of (in rotation with others)
    • Included in newsletters and other marketing by Cycle Tours Global
    • Low cost - from as little as US$4.50 per month (the full list of rates can be found here)
    • Easy to do from Edit My Tours menu item on your dashboard
  • Buy Credit
    • Preload your account to receive free additional credit
    • Use for premium upgrades more easily than individual payment transactions
  • Partnership - more details here
    • Tour details will be maintained for you (at least twice yearly)
    • Listings will be stay high in search results
    • 50% discount on Premium Upgrades

how to keep up with what we're doing at ctg

For more information please contact us..