Information For Tour Operators

How and why would you want to engage with Cycle Tours Global?

Cycle Tours Global (CTG) is first and foremost a resource for tourists who want to cycle and cyclists who want to tour. Would you want your tours listed, shown and promoted directly and only to people who want your information?
Our mission is to promote cycle tourism as a desirable and fun way to holiday and also as a responsible and sustainable industry. We make as many bike tour options as possible, freely and easily available to our increasing number of website visitors - and so encourage and tempt people to holiday the smart way (i.e. on a bike!).


Why we engage with tour operators

  • To keep tour information as up-to-date and compelling as possible
  • To get great images to support the listings
  • To get your support or endorsement
  • To generate some income to support our not-for-profit website!

Why Tour Operators engage with us?

  • Preferential ranking in search results
  • No sales commission or payment
  • Lead generation
  • See statistics for each listing - views, clicks and messages
  • Good for SEO
  • Low-cost or even free!

How the search result order is determined - “the algorithm"

  1. Featured listings *
  2. Other listings under a current Operator Plan *
  3. Free listings *
  4. Other (unclaimed) listings
 * With most recent Operator update/edit first

     How can you take advantage:

  1. Do nothing – we’ve probably got your tours profiled already! If we haven’t then just let us know, alternatively if you want your tours taken down so they are no longer seen by our growing audience of cycle tour fans, then just ask.

  2. Register and manage your listings for FREE

    • Including adding an image for greater exposure

    • The search result order is determined by the latest date you update a listing

    • Have the right of reply to reviews of your tours

  3. Take out a low-cost plan (from only US$3-$15 per month) with the following extra advantages:

    • Preferential ranking in search results

    • Free featured listing(s) – see below – plus access to more

    • Enable ‘Ask the Operator’ messages for lead generation

    • Listings updated by us at least once a year

  4. Upgrade any listing under a current plan to ‘Featured’ status (from only US$4.50 per month) to:

    • Get the highest preferential ranking in search results

    • Get even greater visibility by adding video and more images (up to 10)

    • Get featured on home page in rotation

    • Get featured in newsletters, social media and other channels


How to keep up with what we're doing at CTG

For more information please contact us.