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Are you a tour operator?

Why would you want to register and be part of Cycle Tours Global?

Cycle Tours Global (CTG) is first and foremost a resource for tourists who want to cycle and cyclists who want to tour. Would you want your tours listed, shown and promoted directly and only to people who want your information?

It is free for all users - cyclists and tour operators. Before you register, have a look for your tours - we may have already profiled them! In which case you can claim the account (using the green button on the page) to manage the listings yourself.

Register As a Tour Company


The advantages of you managing the account

  • The tours are yours so you should have control - any details pre-entered will be from your website and are as accurate as we believe possible at the time of listing
  • Tour listings with images are far more likely to be viewed by our users
  • Details will be more current and up to date
  • Each time you make a change or upload, that will move the listing to near the top of search results as the order is determined by the most up to date and current information
  • Messages or leads are instantly accessible via your dashbaord

How to make the most of a free listing

  • Add a great image
  • Make your tour title content and content compelling
  • Enter data in the fields used by the search engine where relevant
  • Revisit and update the listing regularly (this is how the search result order is determined)
  • Encourgage past participants to post a review

NEW - QUickly and easily check and update your listings

  • Download the spreadsheet of all your listings from your dashboard
  • Update the information on the file and email it back (requires a subscription)

The advantages of upgrading to a premium listing

  • Featured listing on the home page of (in rotation with others)
  • Displayed in search results above all free listings - regardless of date of any changes
  • May be included in newsletters and external marketing by Cycle Tours Global
  • Low cost - from as little as US$4.50 per month (the full list of rates can be found here)

How to upgrade your tours

  • Login to your account and select Edit My Tours from your dashboard
  • Choose whichever tour(s) you'd like to upgrade and choose the upgrade pack
  • Premium Upgrade Rates start from $4.50 per listing per month (click for all rates and currencies)
  • To upgrade several we recommend first buying a Credit Pack to load funds onto your account - then upgrade as above using this balance. The advantages are:
    • Only one transaction using your credit card or PayPal account
    • Free extra credit making this much more cost effective

What's happening for tour operators?

  • If you're not already subscribed, then sign up here for periodic tour operator updates
  • Join our exclusive Linked group for tour operators only

For more information or to get started straight away please contact us..