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Bangkok Bicycle Tours

So, what do you get when you cross an English architect with a Dutch travel and leisure executive? Bangkok bicycle tours. Probably not what you were expecting but then again, neither were they.

Bangkok bicycle tours follow me to the clubhouse for a BBQ after we cycle Bangkok.

After living in Bangkok for many years these two friends took up cycling as a fitness and leisure activity and both were amazed at what they discovered on each and every ride. Through tiny streets too narrow for cars they discovered the real, hidden Bangkok. From the huge spice and flower markets to the Prapadeang jungle and parklands known as the Lungs of Bangkok, suddenly the incredible diversity of their adopted home town opened up to them in a way they couldn’t have imagined as motorists or pedestrians.

After several years of these casual weekly adventures both men decided to share their newly found experiences with others. The result is Follow Me™ Bangkok Bicycle Tours.

Follow Tob on a Bangkok bicycle tour as he takes you on an adventure cycling Bangkok

At Follow Me™ Bangkok Bicycle Tours we take pride in treating all of our guests as friends. When you first set foot in the club house you’ll be made to feel at home as you enjoy coffee, tea or water and let the hustle bustle of Bangkok drift away. We’ll have a chat and get to know you. Then when you’re ready our Thai tour guides will explain about your chosen tour, assign you a bicycle then it’s time for adventure.
Their Tours

Siam Aharn Boran Tour

1 Days
Follow Me™ Bangkok cycle tours has gone gastronomic! Follow Me has teamed up with the famous Bangkok Food Tours group to bring you the most unique tour experience on offer in Bangkok, a morning walking food tour followed by an amazing afternoon bike tour. Starting off in the morning at the ...

Siam Boran

5 Hours
The Siam Boran Bangkok bicycle tour takes in a multitude of Bangkok’s historical sites while also plunging you into the profusion of colors, scents, and smells of Bangkok’s massive fruit, vegetable, and flower markets and, of course, Bangkok’s famous Chinatown. We begin the tour with a look ...

Siam Sawan

4 Hours
On the Siam Sawan Bangkok bicycle tour we head off to the beautiful heritage listed home of former Prime Minister M.R. Kukrit, where we take a 15-minute tour of the historical complex of Thai-style timber houses. We then meander our way across some of Bangkok’s most beautiful parkland and then ...

Siam Chedi

4 Hours
You will discover the hidden secrets of Thailand’s most charming city. Cycling through small lanes and temple complexes you will experience the city at its best, this tour is packed with cultural and historical sites and numerous local curiosities. We will visit Wat Puak Pia within the old ...

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, Cycle Tours Global does not take responsibility for any errors or ommissions. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.