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Porto was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO (1996 ) and European Capital of Culture (2001) with its historic centre, having an array of centurial monuments and sightseeing attractions. A few of them are highlighted, such as The Tower of Clérigos , Sé (medieval cathedral), Ribeira, modern bridges, British trading posts, baroque churches and other cultural heritage with influences of neoclassical style, available for those who are really passionate and interested in reliving History, Art and Architecture. Those who wish to take another tours in Porto and explore parks and green areas , the Serralves Foundation , the Crystal Palace and City Park are opened to witness idyllic landscapes.

It is true that the bike has been a true means of transportation for pedaling in European cities . Urban cities , such as Amsterdam , Brussels , Frankfurt and Berlin , the bicycle concept has increasingly entered in the personal life of everyone and the bike it's being used efforts beyond leisure and fun. Specifically in Porto, a medieval city, the integration of urban bike pathways, along with the strong focus on the growth of bike paths , has shown feasible and satisfaction of the final consumer factors . Although a large city with a historic center of steep slope , its use is increasingly sought and requested. Thus, beyond our walking tours and bike tours in Porto, it is possible to discover Porto alone and enjoy this authentic urban site, through the rental of this equipment in Fold n'Visit .
Their Tours

The Silver Coast

7 Days 243 KmAVG 48 Km
Silver Coast is the name given to the coastal region encompassing the coast of Portugal between the Foz of the River Douro in Vila Nova de Gaia and the municipality of Torres Vedras, in the district of Lisbon. This 7-day bike ride you are going through one of the most important links along the ...
Updated by Fold N' Visit on 28 Jun 2017

The Way of St. James - The Coast path

7 Days Easy 290 KmAVG 41 Km
This cycling tour presents itself as an easy route to reach to Santiago de Compostela, the ultimate pilgrimage beacon in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the most important spots for religious tourism in Western Europe. Enjoy a city tour with us in Porto, to get to know a little bit of its ...
Updated by Fold N' Visit on 29 Oct 2015

Douro Wine Tour

7 Days Easy 102 KmAVG 17 Km
This cycling tour can be made all year. We recommend doing it between the months of September and October, especially during the wine production. A cycling path that combines hospitality in wine producing farms, with bike rides through the vineyards and olive groves, producing Port wine and ...
Updated by Fold N' Visit on 29 Oct 2015

Wine & Gastournomy

6 Hours
Incredible and idyllic landscapes are included in this tour, where the bicycle becomes essential to go through the magnificent Douro River valley. Come meet the famous Port Wine and brand and its legacy in this region, complemented by visits to the renowned Café Majestic and other cultural ...
Updated by Fold N' Visit on 14 Dec 2014

Extreme City tour

3 Hours
Ride on the suburban areas, where speed, urban history, gardens and other green areas are to be taken in this extreme bicycle tour. For those who enjoy riding a bike in extreme and challenging environments, we provide a visit throughout the longest avenue of Porto. You will encounter greenside ...
Updated by Fold N' Visit on 26 Nov 2014

Bohemian Night – An Eccentric Tour

3 Hours
Nightlife, youthful spirit, spectacular portraits and incredible sightseeings are included in this night tour. The bicycle will be our means of transportation to several areas which contain a beautiful characteristic at night. In this tour you are expected to find, besides history and art ...
Updated by Fold N' Visit on 18 Sep 2014

Oporto’s Downtown

3 Hours
Hop on a bicycle and explore Porto's historic centre with us. You will encounter an urban city towards Art and Architecture, from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era. It has never been so easy and fun to discover Porto by bike, so don't miss the opportunity and visit us. Bring your own camera to ...
Updated by Fold N' Visit on 10 Sep 2014

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