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Fly Cycling Holidays

Fly Cycling Holidays

"FLY on the LAKE" was born from an idea of Luca Maria Lucini and Amedeo Tabini, athletes of the "Fly Cycling Team".
Relying on their long sports experience due to their 15 year cycling career, they offer "travel packages" by bike along the fantastic itineraries on the shores of Lake Como, considered the most beautiful lake in the world for its microclimate its routes and its views sparkling with small villages and enchanting villas.
Luca and Amedeo really know every aspect of Lake Como together with its different routes and they are excited and proud to share this unforgettable experience on two wheels with all the people who are passionately fond of cycling and Lake Como.
Their Tours

Enjoy Como / Milano

2 Days
Como is a historic small town of Roman origin, very close to the Swiss border (only a few kilometers), with a privileged position between the lake and the mountains, a crossroads of the commerce between North Italy and Europe. It is also the native town of Alessandro Volta, the physicist ...

External Tour of Como Lake

7 Hours 163 Km
The external (or complete) tour of Lake Como is surely one of the most exciting and pleasant routes that the Lombard land can offer to a passionate cyclist. It is a “classic” and all the champions have done it, either during a race or during a training session. Through this itinerary you can ...

Isola Comacina

4 Hours
Isola Comacina is a charming place full of history and culture: this isle is one of the main destination for every tourist on Como Lake. It's located a few hundred meters from Sala Comacina and it's reachable only via ferry boat. With its incredible landscaping and its Romanic and Baroque ...

Nesso / Muro di Sormano

4 Hours
One of the most charming climbs starting from the magnificent scenery of Lake Como, is the one starting from the village of Nesso and ending on the top of Pian del Tivano, where the astronomic observatory is situated and where the famous “Muro di Sormano” has its arrival. A deadly climbing ...

Colle Madonna del Ghisallo

4 Hours
The “Hill of Ghisallo” is a mountain road pass connecting Valsassina with the high part of the Larian Triangle. The passage is at 754 m. above sea level and belongs to the Municipality of Magreglio: very close to it is situated a small church: the Sanctuary of Madonna del Ghisallo. According ...

Como - Bellagio Tour

4 Hours
Known worldwide as the “Gem of the Lake”, Bellagio is one of the most important tourist destinations on Como Lake and all over Italy. Thanks to its ideal position, Bellagio has a mild weather during the winter and it's temperate during the summer, so it's the ideal place to take a bike ride! It ...

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