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A great way to market your flights or flight information to a niche audience made up only of people into cycling and travel

We are looking to partner up with a flights or flights information provider to offer quality information and the best value for the users of Flights are one of the most common exclusions on bike tour profiles so are the next port of call after finding the perfect tour!

Banner positions and options available:

Although there are many options there will only be one flights partnership for any particular location (see below) and time period. Just choose what suits your bsuiness best!
  • Right side columnAd Banner Placement
    • Across the site
    • Square, rectangle or skyscraper to max. height 200px, 400px or 600px respectively
    • Display width maximum 200px.
  • Page Footer
    • Across the site
    • Medium rectangle (Mrec) 300x250px
  • Target audience
    • By user location or origin (I.P. address by country)
  • Duration and commitment
    • Three month minimum
    • Six months for the price of five
    • Must be paid in advance
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Sample rates:

Quoted in USD net of any applicable taxes - other currencies available on request (EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, NZD).

By User Location (IP) per month    World       USA         UK     Australia  Canada  Other *
Right side square
$75 $25 $20 $20 $10 $5
Right side rectangle
$112 $37 $30 $30 $15 $8
Right side skyscraper
$150 $50 $40 $40 $20 $10
Footer leaderboard
$75 $25 $20 $20 $10 $5
Footer Mrec
$60 $20 $16 $16 $8 $4
Newsletter leaderboard **
Social Media posts ***
Free Free Free Free Free Free

* Per country
** 10% discount for second and subsequent editions when all paid together
*** Posts on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus) are gratis for all paying advertisers
Zones of two of more countries are also available (with a multiple country discount).
Rates current at July 2017.

Opportunities are limited so unfortunately we may not be able to offer your first choice.

If you would prefer to reach our audience by where they are searching for, rather than where they come from, then please check out sponsorship opportunities.