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giovanni +039 3453350926
Piazza Mino da Fiesole
Fiesole Firenze 50010
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Rent bike for self guided bike tour, only one-way. From Fiesole to Florence, only flat and downhill, without traffic, by bike path, easy level, for everyone.
Their Tours

From Gods Mountain to the City of Men

4 Hours Easy 17 MLS
One-way itinerary. When in Florence participants are released from the bikes.This is mostly a downhill and flat itinerary, leading from the Convent of Montesenario (on top of the mountain, 2680 ft a.s.l.) to the city centre of Florence, through the stunning countryside of Fiesole. Florence ...
Updated by FiesoleBike on 19 Mar 2015

The country day

1 Days Moderate 19 MLS
After visiting the village of Fiesole and leaving the view of Florence behind we will immerse ourselves in the iconic Tuscan landscape. The tour unwinds in a land suspended between magic and reality, past and present, not far from Florence, still immersed in a natural scenery which is rugged ...
Updated by FiesoleBike on 19 Mar 2015


3 Hours Easy 14 MLS
One-way itinerary. When in Florence participants are released from the bikes. After walking around Fiesole, with a superb view point to Florence, by bike a marvellous and easy itinerary from Fiesole and his countryside down to Florence center. Ideal for those who wish to terminate the day away ...
Updated by FiesoleBike on 24 Feb 2015

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