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Ferula Viaggi
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+39 0835.336572
Via Cappelluti, 34
Matera 75100
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Ferula Viaggi

Ferula Viaggi

Slow Italy Tours

Since 2002 we offer Active and Cultural Tours in Southern Italy (Puglia, Basilicata, Sicily). We are specialized in cycling tours and have more than 100 bikes for rent. Since we are specialized in the region, we can offer lots of tailor made solutions. Also ask us more info about our combo tours (walk & bike).
Their Tours

Southern Italy Coast to Coast: Road Cycling

7 Days 460 KmAVG 76 Km
This is a Road Cycling tour crossing the boot through Apulia and Basilicata. After the first 2 days in the Murgia Plateau, you will reach a really unbeaten but perfect land for cyclists: no traffic and terrific landscapes. You will cross valleys, climb the Apennines, and reach the Pollino ...
Updated by Ferula Viaggi on 10 Jan 2017

Grande Puglia

13 Days Easy-Moderate 550 KmAVG 50 Km
Grande Puglia is a 13 days cycling tour starting from the hills of the Alta Murgia and ending in Otranto, the most eastern town of Italy. You will slowly learn the history, cross the wild nature and taste the great food, feeling in love with this area of the “boot” nice to discover day by day. ...
Updated by Ferula Viaggi on 29 Dec 2016

Castles & Wine

8 Days Mod-Advanced 310 KmAVG 51 Km
A trip into the silence, light and history of Southern Italy. Leaving from the Alta Murgia plateau, you will visit Trani, with its port and enchanting cathedral, Castel del Monte that boasts a mysterious octagonal-shaped medieval castle, Venosa, an ancient Roman city, and Melfi. After ...
Updated by Ferula Viaggi on 27 Dec 2016

Sassi and Trulli

8 Days Easy-Moderate 280 KmAVG 46 Km
A week cycling around the two wonderful UNESCO sites of Alberobello and Matera. Leaving from Matera’s “Sassi”and the rock caves and stone houses, you will reach the Itria Valley, a karstic land also called the Valley of the Trulloes due to the thousands of “trulli”, limestone dwellings that ...
Updated by Ferula Viaggi on 23 Dec 2016

UNESCO Sites in Puglia & Basilicata

8 Days Easy-Moderate 300 Km
Cycling by the sea and through the hills of the Alta Murgia, among the UNESCO world heritage sites of Apulia and Basilicata. Visit Trani, with its port and splendid cathedral and Castel del Monte, with its mysterious, octagonal-shaped castle built by Frederick II. After crossing the Bradano ...
Updated by Ferula Viaggi on 23 Dec 2016

The Heel of the Boot: Matera and Puglia

8 Days Easy-Moderate 280 KmAVG 46 Km
An easy tour through the Heel of the Boot. From Basilicata with round trips starting from the Sassi of Matera and the Park of Rupestrian Churches, you will head on to the Apulian land. Cycling through the Murge plateau (a territory that encloses an astonishing variety of landscapes: caves ...
Updated by Ferula Viaggi on 22 Dec 2016

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