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Fat Tire Bike Tours Paris
Contact Number:
+33 (0)1-56-58-10-54
Toll free +1 866-614-6218
24, rue Edgar Faure
Paris 75015
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Fat Tire Bike Tours Paris

We are happy to welcome you to the “City of Light” and to everything Paris has to offer. Our Paris bike tours were designed with the English-speaking traveler in mind, and we are ready to show you Paris as you’ve never seen it before! All ages are welcome. We offer you the best orientation, an informative and entertaining guide and loads of fun. We are the experts. We have the know-how. After guiding hundreds of thousands of tourists through Paris since 1999, we have become the benchmark. Be sure to enjoy your sightseeing adventure with the best!
Their Tours

Monet’s Garden Bike Tour

1 Days Easy
An excellent excursion outside of Paris is to Claude Monet’s breathtaking gardens in Normandy. His unique house, the quaint villages of Vernon & Giverny and our fabulous bicycle ride along the Seine are a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Paris. Allow us to make the out-of-town trip ...
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Paris Day Bike Tour

3.5 Hours Easy
What better way to start a day in Paris, than to pedal through its timeless streets? This is our signature tour and our world-class tour guides showcase all of the most popular sites with great commentary. Our Day Bike Tour is the perfect tour for both those new to the city and Parisian ...
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Paris Night Bike Tour

4.5 Hours Easy
Our Paris Night Bike Tour is the way to experience the “City of Light” at it’s best. We’ll cruise through town as the city lights up around us and see Paris from both bike and boat (free wine is included on our boat cruise). Make no mistake, this is not a substitute for the comprehensive Day ...
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Versailles Bike Tour

1 Days Easy
Le Chateau de Versailles awaits you in all its grandeur as you return to the time period of the most famous French kings and queens. This tour will certainly be a highlight of your time in the Paris area as we explore more of the 2,000+ acres of royal property than you would ever be able to see ...
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