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Fat Tire Bike Tours London
Contact Number:
+44 7882 338779
Olympia Mews – Unit 3
36 – 38 Queensway
London W2 3RX
United Kingdom

Fat Tire Bike Tours London

Exploring London, a metropolis of over seven million people, can be overwhelming. With such an incredible wealth of historical and cultural attractions, it’s tough knowing where to start.

With Fat Tire Bike Tours you can explore London from a fun and unique perspective. Cycling is an ideal way to experience London sightseeing and serves as the perfect introduction to the city.
Their Tours

River Thames Bike Tour

4 Hours Easy
Explore ‘liquid history’ and breathtaking urban landscapes by cycling both banks of London’s famous river. With smaller groups, a different route and a focus on the people’s history, this tour is the perfect complement to our Royal London Bike Tour. Our tour guides offer legend and fact about ...
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River Thames Evening Bike Tour

4 Hours Easy
This tour will cycle you through the heart of the city taking in many of the iconic London sites as well as getting a feel for the mystery and romance of London's riverside by twilight. Don’t miss an opportunity to watch the city’s lights glistening over London Bridge from the comfy seat of ...
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Royal London Bike Tour

4 Hours Easy
If you’re new to London or even if you already know all the words to ‘God Save The Queen’, this guided bike tour has something for you! Whether talking about Kings, Queens & Princesses; palaces, parks & parliament, or battles and their heroes & villains, our knowledgeable tour guides will ...
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