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Fat Tire Bike Tours Barcelona
Contact Number:
+34 933 429 275
C. Sant Honorat, 7
Barcelona 08002
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Fat Tire Bike Tours Barcelona

For the fun-loving English-speaking visitor, there’s no better way to see the sights and learn the history of Barcelona than with Fat Tire Bike Tours. Our bike tours take you where the bus tours can’t go and you’ll see more in less time then with any walking tour. After 9 years of operating bike tours in Barcelona, our well-earned reputation as the absolute best speaks for itself.

Whether travelling alone or with friends, our city bike tour is the perfect way to spend a half-day in Barcelona. Our tours offer you the company of a knowledgeable and entertaining native English-speaking guide, the use of a comfortable and easy to ride bike, useful tips and advice about what to do and see while in Barcelona, a fun and informative outdoor experience, a chance to meet other travelers and simply the best day of your time in Barcelona. Barcelona is a captivating city with incredible architecture and a fascinating history - and the best way to see it all is on a bike. We’re looking forward to showing you a great time in our fantastic city!
Their Tours

Montjuïc E-bike Tour

4 Hours Easy
Barcelona’s Montjuïc is a broad hill located to the southwest of the city center. Rich in history and beauty, this famous attraction features breathtaking, panoramic views of the harbor and various monuments, museums, castles and neighborhoods that the city is famous for. Montjuïc is well-known ...
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Barcelona City Day Tour

4 Hours Easy
Our daily bike tours (4 hrs.) ride through the Barri Gotic, visit Gaudi’s famous Sagrada Familia, roll through the Parc de la Ciutadella and cruise around the Olympic Village, Port Vell and the Barceloneta beach, stopping all along the way at points of interest to take photos and hear the ...
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