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Far and Away Cycling
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+1 571 275 2814
1016 Sth Wayne St
Arlington VA 22204
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Far and Away Cycling

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Namibia - "Endless Horizons"

12 Days
Namibia is a place where your spirit can be set free in a mind boggling expanse of space. The country is large and it's people are few. Which, no doubt, explains why it has some of the world's greatest wild animal reserves. Our tour starts in Windhoek ("Vin-took"), the capital of 325,000 ...
Updated by CTG on 19 Oct 2015

Montenegro - Ride the Black Mountain

10 Days
Montenegro (or Crna Gora in Serbian) means "Black Mountain". That name dates back to the 14th Century when Black Mountain referred to only one small part of the country. Today's Montenegro is only about 50% larger then the island of Corsica. It has a population of 600,000. Like Corsica ...
Updated by CTG on 19 Oct 2015

Albania - "Where the Balkans meet the Mediterranean"

10 Days 533 KmAVG 66 Km
Albania is a place that most people overlook. After having been there, I am not sure why that is. There is history. There are mountains. There is the Ionian coastline. There is little traffic. And the food in Albania is ALL organic. And it is inexpensive by European standards. The ...
Updated by CTG on 19 Oct 2015

Cycling Laos - "Journey Back in Time"

15 Days
Cycling in Northwest Laos is a one of a kind adventure.....mystical moutains, the majestic Mekong River, saffron robed monks collecting alms, working elephants. It's what most of Southeast Asia used to be like, but no longer is. It's 6 million people are very friendly, welcoming and curious. The ...
Updated by CTG on 19 Oct 2015

Angkor and the Khmer Empire

15 Days
Cycling in Cambodia takes you back to a time when the Khmer Empire was site of the most impressive complex on earth. Almost a thousand years ago, when there were only 50,000 inhabitants in London, there were some 3,000,000 million in and around the temples of Angkor.. It is so large and ...
Updated by CTG on 19 Oct 2015

Sikkim- "The Last Shangri-La"

14 Days
Sikkim, literally a bump on the map between Nepal and Bhutan, only became part of India in 1975 and still feels like a separate country. Sikkimese border guards check your entry permit as if it were a visa. With undisturbed forests, glacial streams and snow covered Himalayan peaks, Sikkim is ...
Updated by CTG on 19 Oct 2015

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