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Extravagant Yak
Contact Number:
Office +86 28-8510-8093
Unit 1117
2 Gaosheng Qiao East Rd
Chengdu Sichuan 610041
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Extravagant Yak

Extravagant Yak

Personalised Adventures on the Roof of the World

Extravagant Yak. These two words contain our value for excellent service and cultural authenticity. We specialize in providing rich and authentic, personally crafted travel experiences in Tibet. Equally at home in the lap of luxury or in the warm hospitality of a nomad tent, we deliver tailored attention to detail on every unforgettable journey. All of our tours are designed for those who consider a sense of adventure and a dose of curiosity essential travel ingredients.

We love what we do. With a local Tibetan as your guide, we ensure an authentic experience of one of earth’s highest and most mysterious cultures. We are founded on the belief that travel should result in being rewarding and life changing – for both the traveller and the host culture.

Our 20+ years combined experience in the region has only increased our desire to discover more of Tibet’s endless treasures and meet more of her people. Accordingly, each member of the Extravagant Yak team is partial to different corners of this highland sanctuary of culture, scenery, and epic adventure.

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Their Tours

Mountain Biking Backcountry Tibet Tour

10 Days Adv-Challenging 230 KmAVG 32 Km
This Eastern Tibet backcountry mountain bike tour is not for the faint of heart. Only an exclusive band of riders will thrive at these extreme elevations. Simply put, for such riders the prize of a one or two hour descent is worth any amount of climbing. For the backcountry cycling tour ...

Cycling Scenic Eastern Tibet

10 Days Mod-Advanced 450 KmAVG 64 Km
This is the perfect cycling adventure for those looking for a diverse experience of Tibetan scenery and lifestyle, and the challenge of crossing 4000m mountain passes. Cycle through bustling small towns and villages along the route that feature nomad trading, lively markets, and even nightly ...

Epic Tibet: Chengdu to Lhasa

36 Days Adv-Challenging 3000 KmAVG 107 Km
If ever there was a ride of epic proportions, this is it. This is a first ever for Extravagant Yak and represents something far removed from a polished package tour. This cycle adventure represents a custom request from a contingent of Irish mountaineers and, with their permission, we are ...

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