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Cycling fun in Europe

A successful cycling holiday benefits both: body and soul. Important condition: the organisation has to be perfect!

Professional and meticulously researched routes, modern and regularly maintained bicycles, tour guides who know the country accompanying group tours and very detailed travel documentation for individual tours. A smoothly working support service and luggage transfer as well as accommodation with comfortable ambience and cosy atmosphere complete the service.

To be honest: we are not able to do everything for you. You have to do the cycling and enjoying and of course, you have to take the decision if you prefer travelling with a group or individually – à la carte. Everything else we organise for you.
Their Tours

Danube Cycle Path by bike & boat

8 Days
By bike and boat along the river Danube – a really special experience, because your “swimming hotel” is accompanying you at all times! The impressing Danube loop, the fascinating landscape of the Wachau region with its wine terraces, fortresses and palaces, the untouched forests of national ...


8 Days
Almost unbelievable but true. On this bike tour you will experience the current Greece at its best and at the same time you discover ancient treasures of world level. You start in Tripoli, the capital of the Peloponnese with a wonderful round trip, whizzing through the Parnonas Mountain along ...

Berlin Wall Cycle Path

7 Days
Look forward to a unique bike tour and cycle along the tracks of very young German history. The Berlin Wall maybe is one of the most touching buildings of 20th century and the fall of the wall on 9th November, 1989 was exciting for the whole world. The tearing of the boarder fortification which ...

Thuringian Bratwurst

8 Days Easy
Loop tour around national park Hainich, this tour seduces to stay. Forests, meadows and water as far as you can see. Lovely renovated historic city centres are living from its terrific past, are breathing medieval flair and risking the bridging into the future. Cycle from romantic Werratal ...

Bamberg - Rothenburg

7 Days Adv-Challenging
River main is winding itself in big loops through diversified landscape. It is running through beautiful Franconia wine land and leaves its blue loops in the green countryside. The landscapes along the river are among the most cultural and diversified in Bavaria and the hills reflect culture and ...

Saarbrücken - Coblenz

8 Days
Two beautiful bike paths in combination, the result is a good one! Experience river Saar with French flair and industrial history. River Saar meets up with river Moselle and the landscape is changing, more and more vineyards are accompanying you. Be pleased about Moselle bike path which leads ...

Ruhr valley Cycle Path

8 Days
From the source in the Sauerland to the estuary into the Rhine you cycle through the green valley of the Ruhr. In the Sauerland you cycle first up and down. The wideness of the mountains and forests dominate the characteristic landscape. Coming to the Ruhr region the landscape differs totally ...

Rhine, Ahr and Erft

8 Days
Your start this tour in Bonn, the city of Beethoven and mountains Siebengebirge are leading you along the romantic river Rhine. River Ahr flows into river Rhine and you continue through the valley of Ahrtal, which is a paradise for people who love red wine. We really recommend tasting the wine ...

Lahn Cycle Path

10 Days Easy-Moderate
A secret tip for cyclists! You will be amazed by the solitary and tranquil nature, dotted with picturesque half-timbered villages and large natural reserves. Stroll through cornered alleys of historic University City Marburg with famous Elisabeth church. Visit the city of Goethe, Wetzlar, with ...

Bike paradise Münsterland

8 Days Easy
Discover the bike paradise Münsterland – it will bewitch you! You cycle through colourful meadows and pastures as well as beautiful villages. Visit numerous castles, palaces and manors. Enjoy this bike week on flat and asphalted bike paths and country lanes. This route is very well sign-posted ...

Havel & Spree Landscapes

8 Days
Discover the most beautiful scenery round about Berlin. You cycle along the Havel with its manifold little lakes in the west and through lovely nature-reserves in the North. Rolling along densely tree lined avenues to the nature park “Märkische Schweiz” in the East and the forests of the Spree ...


8 Days
The Thuringian chain-of-towns long distance cycle path connects the seven most beautiful towns of Thuringia. At the same time you can cycle through high contrast forest, meadow and river landscapes. This route leads you from the city of Eisenach via Gotha to cathedral city Erfurt. Afterwards you ...

Dresden - Potsdam

8 Days Easy
Dresden and Potsdam are two highlights of Germany. . Saxon and Prussia in a blaze of glory is not the only thing you would like – there is much more!

Neckar Cycle Path

9 Days
The Neckar Cycle Path runs from Donaueschingen/Tübingen to Heidelberg across Swabia, which is named “Ländle” from its inhabitants.

Pfalz Wine Tour

7 Days
Cycle with us through the second largest German wine-growing region! The starting point of this journey is the beautiful Kurparkhotel Bad Dürkheim, to which you will always enjoy coming back after your day of cycling.

Munich - Lake Constance

7 Days
On this trip you will cycle through the beautiful scenery of southern Bavaria, always accompanied by a breathtaking view of the Alps. Thus, this tour not only offers you the charm of pure nature, but also the highest Bavarian culture.

Main Cycle Path

10 Days
In even ten days you can indulge in the Main-magic - and you will see: Very inviting this river. Let your human nature take its course and give yourself a break with a lot of movement and adventurous moments. After all, who jumps on his bike and cycle the main cycle path from the Bierstadt ...

Magdeburg - Hamburg - Cuxhaven

10 Days
A cycle tour along river Elbe from Magdeburg via Hamburg to Cuxhaven. Enjoy the variety of the region – nature and culture are complied.

Five Rivers Tour

7 Days
Let’s go to Bavaria – the land of comfortableness and hospitality, the land of breweries, the land of history and of the Baroque. This tour leads you along the banks of the rivers – Vils, Naab, Danube, Altmühl, Pegnitz – through a special part of Bavaria. Take your time for the raw kindness of ...

5 rivers tour

5 Days
It expects you nature experiences of a special kind and numerous lovely old towns, thus look back on an ancient history. The excellent infrastructure of ship and rail allows visits of many sights. You will see, the respective river valleys all have their own, unique and special charm. Many ...

Neckar and Rhine by bike & boat

8 Days
Explore Rhine and Neckar in a unique way during a 8-days-journey by bike and boat. Good bike paths and many interesting possibilities for excursions are guaranteeing an unforgettable holiday. During the day you cycle through the scenic beauty of two charming European river valleys and in the ...

Black Forest

8 Days
Cycle in six stages through one of the most diversified regions in the southwestern part of Germany. The route leads you from Black Forest metropolis Fribourg first by train to High Black Forest and then downhill to Lake Titisee. Along Bähnle cycle path which was a train line in former times you ...

Berlin to Stralsund by bike & boat

8 Days
From metropolis Berlin with its extended forests in the north along Oder-Havel canal via Oranienburg and Eberswalde to Schwedt. The silent and unique beauty of the Oder landscape is accompanying you to polish Stettin with precious palace. Your route leads you along the unique coast via Usedom to ...


6 Days Easy
Waren an der Müritz is your initial point: from here you start into the rural nature of Müritz national park and Mecklenburg Lake District. About 100 lakes and lots of smaller waters alternate with pine and beech trees, moor lands and meadows. You share the country with red deers, cranes, erns ...


7 Days Easy
You come to Dresden and you would like to stay! This town offers disport for making holiday. Buildings of international status, like Zwinger and Semperoper, form this town full of art, music and theatre. But also the country side behind the city limit is worth seeing. You will cycle through ...

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, Cycle Tours Global does not take responsibility for any errors or ommissions. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.

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