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Elma Tours Adventures
Contact Number:
+591 2 – 2456823
+591 2 - 2395891
Sagarnaga street Nº 334
Alem Galery
La Paz
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Elma Tours Adventures

Elma Tours Adventures / Tour Operator: Born five years ago, with the only reason not to offer service also full experience with native charm energy of Bolivia’s pluricultural and unique in the life. Rich country in flora and fauna with unspoiled regions. Come and feel the Bolivians mystic life.
Their Tours

The Death Road Coroico

1 Days
07:00 we pick you up from the meeting place so to have breakfast and we check the right size of all the clothing and gear for each person like: helmet, raincoat, elbow caps, kneecaps, bikes, and so on. 07:45 once we have all the clothing and the whole gear for mountain biking (KONA brand) and ...

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