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These tours have been graded easy by the tour operators.

Hundred Years to Tel Aviv

3 Hours Easy 20 Km Deal
Explore the most bicycle friendly city in Israel through the most popular highlights of the city that never stops! Depart from HaYarkon Park to Tel Aviv Port, bike along the promenade to the "Tachana Compound" - the old Tel Aviv Restored Train Station, proceed into Neve Tzedek neighborhood ...

Full Day in Tel Aviv

7 Hours Easy
Tel Aviv is well known as a very bicycle friendly city with more than 100 Kilometers of bicycle paths along the beautiful promenade on the seashore, through the amazing Hayarkon Park and inside the city at the many colorful boulevards. We can also find a lot of Museums and heritage sites and ...

Easy Park & City

2 Hours Easy
Depart from HaYarkon Park, bike along the river via "Bird Head Forest" & the Old Flour Mill. Ride to Rabin's square, Ben Gurion Museum, Hilton Beach & Tel Aviv Port.

HaYarkon Park & Reading Promenade

2 Hours Easy 15 Km
Depart from HaYarkon Park, bike along the river via "Bird Head Forest" & the Old Flour Mill. Ride to Tel Aviv Port & Reading Boardwalk along the north coast

Crusader Paths

9 Days Easy 120 KmAVG 13 Km
In the 14th century the Knights of St. John arrived to the Dodecanese islands from Jerusalem. Many harbor towns still bear the regal façade of that era with castles, forts, moats, and palaces. The entire old town of Rhodes has been declared a World Heritage Site. Kos and Rhodes are the tour’s ...

Tarn Day Ride and picnic

2 Hours Easy 25 Km
Half Day or Full Day guided relaxed bike rides through the Tarn region of France including typical French snack.

Canal: Toulouse to Bordeaux

5 Days Easy 270 KmAVG 54 Km
Starting in Toulouse you will work your way to Bordeaux along the calm canal paths, through numerous different wine regions of the South West of France. Each day's ride will take you to a new town where your luggage will be transported for you and will be waiting for you at your next ...

Bike and Wine tour

6 Hours Easy 21 Km
Cycle amongst the historic vineyards of the Stellenbosch wine region whilst stopping en route to sip some of the world renowned wines of the region on our bicycle wine tour. Other attractions are the amazing bird life such as South Africa’s National bird, the blue crane. After the tour we finish ...

Lion City Bike Tour

4 Hours Easy
Discover Singapore’s charming back streets, historical landmark, places of worship and untold stories that make our city so special. A relaxing Singapore sightseeing tour and fun bike tour through our beautiful city with lots of fantastic photo opportunities on bicycle. You are able to interact ...

Bath City & Canal Tour - Morning, Afternoon & Evening Tours

3 Hours Easy 18 Km
A fun and enjoyable way to take in the city's famous buildings, historic sites and pleasure gardens before joining the Kennet and Avon Canal cycle towpath for a ride through history along the Avon Valley. The valley is abundant with wildlife and historical sites including the 'Dundas Aqueduct ...

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