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These tours have been graded easy by the tour operators.

A Royal Short Escape in the Loire Valley

5 Days Easy 185 KmAVG 46 Km
If you love cycling, castles, and country scenery, and you have a long weekend to spare, our escape in the riverfront Loire Valley is a dream come true! Travel along the river through vineyards, peaceful farmland, and little villages that remind you of a fairytale. That there are so many ...

Fairytale Castles Along the Loire River

8 Days Easy 297 KmAVG 49 Km
No amusement park comes close to the Loire Valley, an area so rich in historic and architectural heritage that the whole region has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Where else can you bicycle past Sleeping Beauty's Castle? The real one — not the Disney version! Here you’ll also find ...

Green Ways and Red Wines

8 Days Easy 299 KmAVG 49 Km
Featuring one of France’s longest greenways, Burgundy is a cyclist’s paradise. Our colorful itinerary takes you to the world’s most exceptional vineyards, from those producing varying shades of Burgundian red wines to the Charolais white! Travel through a palette of colors as varied and diverse ...

Normandy Discovery: From Bayeux to Rouen via Honfleur

8 Days Easy 293 KmAVG 48 Km
This popular bicycle tour allows you to explore Normandy in all its glory. Beginning in Bayeux and ending in Rouen, you’ll bicycle through the countryside that gave rise to Impressionist painting and inspired the brushstrokes of Monet and Boudin. You’ll wheel along Normandy’s coast and visit ...

The Treasures Of Black Perigord

8 Days Easy 170 KmAVG 34 Km
Périgord is the name of one of France’s historic provinces (in what is now called Dordogne), but its history goes back far beyond its name — all the way back to prehistory! This is where you’ll find evidence of early mankind: cave paintings, dwellings, ruins and more. Our tour will take you to ...

A Short Escape Along the Dordogne River

4 Days Easy
Dordogne is the perfect getaway for a long week-end of relaxation, stress-free biking, and exceptional cuisine. If you’re making your rounds in France, you’ll find our short escape is a great way to enjoy some face time with southwestern France! Discover this region's treasures — Domme, la ...

Upper Quercy's Gems

8 Days Easy 180 KmAVG 30 Km
Like Périgord, Quercy is a historic province of France — the region now belongs to multiple départements. Quercy’s defining features are the causses, or limestone plateaus, formed by centuries of wear and tear from the local rivers. Some of these causses are topped by chateaux or fortresses ...

Bangkok Night Bike Tour

4 Hours Easy 13 Km
Let your expert local guide take you off the beaten tourist trails of Bangkok on a bike tour of quiet back roads and small alleyways. Enjoy local cuisine, jump on a ferry and visit historic sacred temples, all in the comfort of a night tour. Beat the heat and avoid the crowds to experience ...

Valencia & Albufera Natural Park

4 Days Easy 110 KmAVG 36 Km
Welcome to Valencia and the Parque Natural de l’Albufera (Albufera Natural Park). This trip offers the opportunity to experience both rural and urban settings. Valencia is a city full of life, culture and traditions as it is a modern, cosmopolitan and a university city. It invites you to get ...

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, Vacation Bike Tour

3 Days Easy
Seven miles off the coast of Massachusetts sits a jewel of an island: Martha’s Vineyard, better known locally as the “Vineyard”, is a place of exceptional beauty that simply begs to be explored by bike. Bike paths and country roads wind past cool forests, tranquil harbors, island farms and ...

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