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These tours have been graded easy by the tour operators.

Canal Towns of the Erie Canal, New York USA

8 Days Easy 160 MLSAVG 26 MLS Deal
This incredible bike tour treats you to the quaint and colorful villages of the Erie Canal. All of these charming communities would not exist save for the awesome Erie. Enjoy easy, scenic cycling as we glide past spectacular scenery, beautiful canal locks, aqueducts and bridges, and some of the ...
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The Historic Erie

7 Days Easy 175 MLSAVG 35 MLS Deal
This tour is a history buff’s delight as we cruises along the Erie Canal through scenic Central NY with its natural beauty, open spaces, fresh air and amazing US History! In addition to the incredible history of the Erie Canal, we will cycle to many Revolutionary War sites including Fort ...
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Cycle Touring 101: A Beginners Guide to Cycle Touring

6 Days Easy 100 MLSAVG 25 MLS Deal
This is a great opportunity for those new to cycling touring, families and others looking for a great beginner ride! Routes are easy, flat and fun, and there is so much to see and do along the way including outstanding scenery, amazing history, super activities and unlimited fun! All while ...
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The Silver Coast

7 Days Easy 243 KmAVG 48 Km
Silver Coast is the name given to the coastal region encompassing the coast of Portugal between the Foz of the River Douro in Vila Nova de Gaia and the municipality of Torres Vedras, in the district of Lisbon. This 7-day bike ride you are going through one of the most important links along the ...

North of Portugal Bike tour

7 Days Easy 152 KmAVG 30 Km
The Cycle Trail of Minho River in 2009 was ranked as the fourth best trail in Europe in 2009, showcases all the amazing Portuguese landscapes, rivers and it even provides you a breathtaking seaside view. Cycling through villages considered World Heritage will give you the fulfilment you’re ...

Bavaria Cycling Holidays Lake District

7 Days Easy 300 KmAVG 1 Km Deal
You will cycle at the edge of the Bavarian Alps where you will find many lakes and mountains. “The blue land” – so call it the locals. You will start your cycle tour in the spa resort of Bad Tölz which is next to the river Isar. Afterwards you will start your cycle tour from lake to lake, from ...

Biking from Avignon to the Camargue

8 Days Easy 291 KmAVG 58 Km
Provence is perhaps home to the most diverse landscapes in France, for each smaller sub-region has its own character. The Camargue is encompassed by the Rhône River delta, also the source of its unique, ever-changing landscape. The saltwater lagoons (étangs) and expanses of marshland are home to ...

A Short Escape from Avignon to Arles

3 Days Easy 124 KmAVG 41 Km
This shorter version of our Alpilles Tour will allow you to marvel at some of Provence's best-known sites. This trip is perfect for travelers who would like to give biking a try without necessarily committing to a week-long bicycle vacation. It is also an ideal short escape for sun-deprived ...

Provence with Youngsters

8 Days Easy 168 KmAVG 28 Km
Almost every corner of Provence is scenic and safe for cyclists, but the everchanging hilly landscape can pose a challenge for even the most seasoned riders. Don’t despair — whether your tots are too small to manage small climbs or you simply wish to avoid them for your own comfort, we have the ...

The Alpilles Tour

4 Days Easy 114 KmAVG 38 Km
Celebrated by poets and writers such as Frédéric Mistral and Alphonse Daudet, painted by Vincent Van Gogh, Auguste Chabaud, and many others, the Alpilles mountain range has long been the source of artistic inspiration! What makes it truly fascinating is its diversity — fragrant valleys ...

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