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Eastwind Cycle
Contact Number:
International +1 902-471-4424
US/Canada Toll free +1 866-447-7468
2433 Agricola St.
Halifax Nova Scotia B3K 4C1
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Eastwind Cycle

Their Tours

Quebec's Route Verte

7 Days
La Route Verte is National Geographic's #1 bikeway, and we understand why. This system of interconnected, well-marked routes brings cyclists safely from city to countryside across the entire province. But our Quebec trip is so much more than routes. It is the experience of a petit piece of ...

Playtime on Prince Edward Island

7 Days
This isle is so welcoming you feel like home everywhere you go, especially staying with our old friends at My Mother’s Country Inn or the unique Inns on Great George in historic Charlottetown. And of course, a visit to Anne of Green Gables is a must for any literature buffs.

Nova Scotia's Seacoast

7 Days
Nova Scotia is the home of Eastwind Cycle, so of course we know and love it best. The best riding is in the Annapolis Valley and South Shore, where the roads are quiet and the short distances are perfect for inn to inn biking. The two regions are very distinct, and a great trip usually includes ...

New Brunswick

7 Days
New Brunswick holds a special place in our cycling hearts. This is where we learned most of what we know about bike riding, and where Eastwind Cycle began. New Brunswick has some of the best bike rides on the East Coast, through covered bridges, along the Saint John River and out onto enchanted ...

Mexico's Gastronomic Heart

7 Days
Imagine Mexico ... riding trails that have been in use since ancient times, connecting peaceful rural villages, through fields of vivid marigolds, always within view of snow capped volcanoes. We have biked the back-roads in the states of Puebla and Veracruz for the past 10 years, and have come ...

Cape Breton

6 Days
The Cabot Trail on Cape Breton is one of the greatest bike routes on earth, and we're not the only ones making this claim. Bicycling Magazine said just that, Conde Nast declared Cape Breton "Earth's most beautiful islands" and Lonely Planet called the island a must-see destination. Our journey ...

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