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Backroads to the Beach

21 Days Easy-Moderate
We will meet in Mérida and cycle from that beautiful colonial city, to Mayan ruins, crystaline cenotes, flamingo and wetland bird sanctuaries and finally end up at the Mexican jewel of the Caribbean, Tulum. Of course we will cycle on the beautiful quiet backroads of the Yucatan.

Journey To Ixtlan Tour

14 Days Adv-Challenging
High misty mountains and deep valleys make for some outstanding scenery and challenging riding. There are Zapotec ruins as well as indigenous Zapotec, Chinantec, Mazatec and Cuicatec people and settlements. The roads here are very quiet, most with very little traffic. There are some steep climbs ...

Flamingos & Gulf Coast

8 Days Moderate
The highlights of this tour are the flamingos and other aquatic birds in the mangrove habitat of Ria Lagartos. We also visit Mayan ruins including the well kept secret of Ek Balam, and several cenotes. A cenote is an opening to the immense underground lake and river system of the Yucatan; each ...

Under the Volcano

15 Days
On this regular difficulty tour we cycle around the highlands of Puebla state. Highlights include Pueblan cuisine, snow capped mountain views, cool pine forest, a cactus reserve, museums (Puppets, Anthropology and Minerology, Fossils) and the prehispanic ruins of Cacaxtla and Cantona. We'll also ...

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