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Lycian Dust

3 Days Easy
Over 2 days on the bike you will discover the natural beauty of the region through the village roads and forest paths of the Lycian Dust tour with little traffic. An opportunity not to be missed, especially for those who want to see the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea from the ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Jun 2016

Sütleğen – Kemerköy

1 Days Easy 36 Km
The road parallel to the Specially Protected Area of Cyprus Canyon will be offering you a ravishing view with its height. The route starts at 1200 meters in Beldibi village and goes up to 1478 meters following the Katran mountain&forest road through the cedar forests and nomad villages. After ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Jun 2016

Gömüce – Dirgenler

1 Days Easy 30 Km
A day on forest roads with almost no traffic and cycling through different village roads and lots of splendid views and adventure will be waiting for you. After driving up to Gömüce village and after the briefing we start pedaling downhill from 1200 meters high and we continue through village ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Jun 2016

Sarıbelen – Kaş

1 Days Easy 35 Km
After a 40-minute morning drive to Saribelen village via the Kaş-Kalkan road, we take to 300-600 m high coastal trails which afford splendid views, explore enchanting olive yards, the maquis vegetation typical of the Mediterranean basin, and deep gorges along the seaside slopes of the Taurus ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Jun 2016

Gürsu – Dirgenler

1 Days Easy 28 Km
We drive in a van up on a mountain road to 1200m, Gursu village in the range of Susuz Mountain – home to some of Central Lycia’s most stunning rock formations and cedar forest with epic views. The first 20 kilometres of the tour is downhill and after the first part the route follows a creek bed. ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Jun 2016


1 Days Easy 22 Km
A view including lots of oak trees, old village houses and the ruins of the ancient city Korba welcomes you on this cycling day. We start pedaling around 450 metres and throughout the tour the average altitude will be around 355 metres and the route is mostly flat. Depending on the season, you ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Jun 2016

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