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Desert Paramours
Contact Number:
+962 777 282 730
PO Box 143
Tourist St
Petra 718111
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Desert Paramours

Desert paramours travel consists of a team of 11 Bedouin brothers. Each one is driven by a love of nature and a passion for deserts. The company enjoys a high profile and excellent reputation.

We do things informally, differently, and with total dedication. To us you are not just a tourist but an honoured guest and a new found friend. Our welcome to friends from other countries is as old as human travel itself. We want you to meet people and to make new friends. And when you leave, to take a piece of Jordan with you in your heart.
Their Tours

Jordan - cycling tour

10 Days Moderate
Originally designed as a 10 days trip and still run each year as a training expedition for who would be in real adventures. We redesigned this trip for the whom in love with the nature and sightseeing. Spend 10 days exploring North and South of Jordan, while mountain, desert biking and hiking ...

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