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Danny Lé Gatt Tours
Contact Number:
International +64 2 9625 4282
Mobile/Cell +64 418 649 218
13 Jindalla Crescent
Hebersham NSW 2270
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Danny Lé Gatt Tours

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Danny le Gatt Tours has been operating for more than a decade providing bike riders, social cyclists and enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience the worlds greatest bike race and pedal their way through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, staying in villages centuries old throughout the French countryside.

Dependent on your interests, whether you want to experience a stage of the TDF or leisurely cycle alongside canals hundreds of years old visiting medival cities and towns whilst enjoying a glass of wine in the evening, Danny Le Gatt has the tour to suit you.

Whether an indiviual, a couple or a group or be it an experienced cyclist or a leisure seeking day trip cyclist; Danny will have the tour for you. Tours are organised and co-ordinated for each and every individual whether part of a small group or organised for private groups or clubs.
Their Tours

Canal Du Midi Trip

14 Days
Initially based in the region of the Ardeche in a French provincial village we will be sightseeing and training. We then travel to the South of France to follow the historic path of the Canal Du Midi. Over 600klms long, this historical journey along a man made canal takes us through such ...
Updated by CTG on 2 Jun 2014

Dauphine Libre

21 Days
The Dauphine Libre is run the first week of June each year; over 9 days it is the preparation race for the Tour De France. The Tour itself runs through the centre of France to the Alps and it is more low key than the TDF so spectators can get up close and personal with the riders, all the big ...
Updated by CTG on 2 Jun 2014

Tour De France Trip

21 Days
For three weeks we will be based in Le Chelylard in the region of Ardeche and will visit and experience the Alpine Stages of the TDF, ride some stages of the TDF, train on some of the best cycle roads in France and experience the relaxed lifestyle of a French provincial village. Be part of ...
Updated by CTG on 2 Jun 2014

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