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Gourmet Bike Tours

From unforgettable gourmet dining experiences to exclusive access, DIGnGO has the intensely local knowledge to guide you to the undiscovered places. You may join us us on our family trips or take one of our regular bike tours.
Their Tours

Loire Valley Bike Tour

6 Days Easy-Moderate
Known as the garden of France the Loire Valley one of the best destination for bike tours. If you are looking to discover the region with your family you may check our family bike tours. The Loire valley is an enchanted land of architectural wonders but also fine dining and delectable wines ...

Piedmont Bike Tour

6 Days Moderate
Known for its wines, Piedmont is the region that produces the largest number of noble, and world-appreciated prize-winning wines. Literally meaning at the foot of the mountains, 'pied monte', has marvelous local wines, including but not limited to Barolo and the well known white and black ...

Alsace Bike Tour

6 Days Easy-Moderate
Our Alsace bike tours start in Strasbourg, located at the foot of the Vosges mountain and end in Colmar, a charming town. Alsace is a combination of cultures and it makes it one of our most memorable bike tours in France. Each of the towns you bike across have intimate narrow streets with half ...

Bordeaux & Dordogne

6 Days Moderate
French country cuisine, charming market towns, prehistoric cave paintings and peaceful, rolling terrain set the perfect stage for your Bordeaux to Dordogne biking adventure as well as our other bike tours in France. Combining Bordeaux and Dordogne takes you on some of the nicest cycling ...

Burgundy Bike Tour

6 Days Easy-Moderate
Located in the heart of France, Burgundy is synonymous with gastronomy, fine wines, historical architecture and great bike tours. From the abbaye de Fontenay to the ch√Ęteau of the Clos Vougeot and its famous wines, a thousand years of art and culture are waiting for you. Burgundy great wines ...

Loire Valley Family Bike Tour

6 Days Easy
Designed like all our family bike tours in Europe, it appeals to all members of the family. Like on all our family bike tours the cycling routes are gentle, the restaurants are welcoming and "every" hotel has a swimming pool. Pedal through lush orchards and farmland amid fairy-tale castles. Kids ...

Dordogne Family Bike Tour

6 Days Easy
Like on all our family Europe bike tours, adults bike beautiful routes through the lush country side of the southwest while the kids enjoy great regional activities from spelunking to canoe, which is also offered on our luxury Family Loire Valley bike tours. This biking adventure in the ...

Normandy Family Bike Tour

Normandy is one of our most famous destinations to join one of our family bike tours. The region is a combination of undulating and lush farmlands, dramatic coastline, sleepy rural villages and discovering it while on one of our family bike tours is wonderful. Parents and adults alike are ...

Czech & Austria Bike Tour

6 Days Moderate
Our Czech Republic to Austria bicycle tour is a journey through time and history. On the first 3 days we bicycle between 25 and 35 miles through the Czech Republic countryside famous for it castles, red-titles roof villages and beautiful forests before arriving in Austria, a country known for ...

Switzerland Bike Tour

6 Days Easy-Moderate
Starting around the famous lake Leman, one of the largest lakes in Western Europe, your bike tour then takes you inland and toward the famous mountain villages of Gstaad and Zermatt. Known as a small country in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is famous for its incredible alpin landscape and ...

Croatia Bike Tour

6 Days Moderate
Croatia is known for its heterogeneous food and it has its own culinary traditions. It is also famous for its thousands small and uninhabited dazzling islands spread accross the adriatic see and covering a total of 1,300 sq mi. Starting around Brac island, the largest island in Dalmatia but also ...

The Dolomites Bike Tour

6 Days Adv-Challenging
Mountain scenery with picture-perfect Tyrollean villages and flower-filled alpine meadows set the perfect stage for your Dolomites adventure. Located in Northern Italy and numbering 18 peaks which rise above 3000 meters, the Dolomites features some of the most amazing mountain landscape in the ...

Puglia Bike Tour

6 Days Moderate
Located in the south of Italy, Puglia is an incredibly beautiful destination to join one of our Italy bike tours. One of the advantages of this area is that it is still intact and has very few tourists. The sea is blue, the sand is white and the weather is nice and warm almost year round. In ...

Tuscany Bike Tours

6 Days Mod-Advanced
Tuscany is an iconic name, symbolizing the good life - a vacation to enjoy all that is good: food, sun, lifestyle, wine, amusement, and relaxation. The culture of the region adds charm, and you can indulge yourself in this opulent way because you will cycle the famous undulating countryside.

Provence Bike Tour

6 Days Easy-Moderate
Located in the south-eastern corner of France, the region of Provence, with its Mediterranean weather, lavender field, olive trees and rich history is one of the most sought-after destinations for French and international travelers alike looking for great bike tours. Provence has been inhabited ...

Normandy Bike Tour

6 Days Easy-Moderate
Normandy is one of our favorite destination for bike tours, the haute and the basse Normandy are a combination of lush farmland, half timbered houses, chic sea side resorts, fortresses and we do recommend it for everyone including families with kids.

Corsica Bike Tour

6 Days Mod-Advanced
Located 200 miles from the coast of southern France and 8 miles from the Italian island of Sardinia, the Island of Corsica is a fascinating destination that has retained a traditional Mediterranean culture. The Greeks named Corsica, Kalliste, "the most beautiful one"

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