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Czech Active Tours
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International +61 8 6191-0831
USA/Canada +1 269-327-0619
1 Chestnut Place
South Lake WA 6164
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Czech Active Tours

Czech Active Tours

Unique Guided Biking Tours in Europe since 2005

Czech Active Tours was founded by Ludvik Grec, a Czech citizen, and his American wife, Laura Perry. As a Czech-American company, we are able to provide the best of both "worlds": extensive knowledge of European and specifically Czech culture and countryside, along with the superior service and professionalism that many travelers expect.
Their Tours

Berlin to Krakow

11 Days Moderate
This tour stretches through three countries – Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland – where much of the most important European history from the last century was written... Our trip starts in the German capital of Berlin and ends in Krakow, the most beautiful city in Poland. On the way we ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Aug 2017

Andalucía, Spain

10 Days Adv-Challenging
Join us for an experience of your life! Visit the magnificent Andalucía, its three major jewels, the cities of Seville with its Cathedral, Córdoba with its Mezquita, and Granada with the Alhambra Palace, and its beautiful and romantic countryside with several National Parks. Ride through ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Aug 2017

Munich to Prague via Salzburg

11 Days Mod-Advanced
This exciting tour stretching through three countries is packed full of fascinating places and views all along the way. We could call it a fairy tale tour since the castles, towns and landscapes you will see in Czech Republic, Austria and Germany are nothing ordinary. Historic Prague is a gem ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Aug 2017

Prague to Budapest via Vienna and Bratislava

11 Days Moderate
Join us for an odyssey on two wheels to experience four countries - the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary - and their capitals, the jewels of the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire - Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. We start our cycling adventure by exploring the beautiful ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Aug 2017

Jewels of the Czech Republic

9 Days Moderate
This bike tour starts and ends in Prague, a historical and architectural jewel of Europe. For many it is the most beautiful city on the Continent. We will take you through southern and eastern Bohemia, a picturesque and unique region of the Czech Republic. The countryside consists of small ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Aug 2017

Vienna to Prague

8 Days Easy
Join us on our tour between cities of the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Vienna and Prague. Experience not only these two capitals of Austria and the Czech Republic, but also many historical, well-preserved towns and the beautiful nature and countryside between them. After exploring Vienna ...
Updated by CTG on 29 Aug 2017

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