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Cyclomundo is a French-based travel agency, established in 2003.

"It is our goal everyday to combine our passion for cycling, expertise of local regions and passion for travelling into creating the most memorable, affordable and rewarding life experiences possible for our clients. We constantly drive ourselves toward helping cyclists of all backgrounds and fitness levels to discover aspects of Europe that may otherwise be difficult to access. We provide all of our diverse experiences in the most fun and economically sustainable way possible, while relying on local companies and guides to achieve a genuine conveyance of culture and heritage."
Their Tours

Coastal Brittany: Côtes-d’Armor and the Pink Granite Coast

7 Days Easy 230 KmAVG 46 Km
Explore the beautiful northern coast of Brittany! Located in France’s northwest corner, this oft-overlooked area with its rural inland roads and craggy, wave-sculpted coastline is ideally suited for bike touring. This 7-day tour begins and finishes in the historical town of Guingamp. In between, ...

Cycling in the Valley of Kings

8 Days Easy 255 KmAVG 42 Km
France’s noble ranks set up residence in the Loire Valley for centuries, earning it the nickname "Valley of Kings." Early on, fortress-castles were built in strategic locations, while later grand châteaux were designed to display wealth and power. Its proximity to Paris — today only an hour’s ...

Cycling from Dijon to Mâcon

8 Days Easy-Moderate 423 KmAVG 70 Km
This popular bicycle tour puts your toast-giving skills to the test as you spend seven days touring Burgundy, one of France’s — and the entire planet’s — most celebrated wine-making regions. Beginning in Dijon and ending in Mâcon, this tour allows you to experience France at its glass-clinking ...

Cycling Bordeaux's Médoc

5 Days Easy 137 KmAVG 45 Km
Wake up in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, a European capital of culture renowned for music, architecture, and of course, wine! Our Médoc itinerary leads you north of the city into the Médoc Peninsula, a flat, vineyard-covered landscape resting between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde Estuary. ...

Cycling with Bacchus: An Epicurean Bike Trip Around Bordeaux

7 Days Easy 223 KmAVG 44 Km
This seven-day bicycle tour allows you to experience Bordeaux’s world-famous wine country. Each daily ride is short and easy, making this a suitable bike tour for all riding levels. In between wine tastings and snapping pictures of medieval castles, you’ll lodge in historic villages – Margaux ...

Cycling Through Wine Labels

8 Days Easy-Moderate 326 KmAVG 54 Km
Ride through a patchwork of lush pastures and broad-leaved woodlands interspersed with extensive vineyards, for here, you are in one of France’s foremost wine regions. On a dazzling itinerary, you’ll spot some of the most valuable vines — and wines — in the world. For those who enjoy classic ...

Follow the Dordogne to Bordeaux

7 Days Moderate 260 KmAVG 52 Km
When two historically important and equally intriguing regions lie side-by-side, picking just one for a cycling tour can be a nail-biter decision. “Which route provides more varied scenery? Do I skip the big cultural capital in favor of small medieval villages? Which region produces better wine? ...

A Short Escape in Burgundy

4 Days Easy 151 KmAVG 50 Km
Located just two hours away from Paris by train, Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy, is ideal for a short escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities, crowded touristy places, and stuffy business atmospheres. Pommard, Meursault, Volnay, Nuits St. George, and Gevrey — they’re celebrated ...

A Short Escape in Bordeaux

5 Days Easy-Moderate 154 KmAVG 38 Km
Laced with an extensive network of stress-free, car-free bikeways, Bordeaux and its surroundings welcome all types of riders, including novice riders and families. It’s never been easier to get to Bordeaux, thanks to low-cost carriers serving the airport and train connections around France. When ...

Normandy's D-Day Landing Beaches and Historic Bayeux

5 Days Easy 198 KmAVG 66 Km
Thoughts of Normandy are inextricably linked to remembrances of D-Day and World War II. We invite you to cycle to famous D-Day beaches, like Omaha Beach, and other locations connected to the Allied invasion, such as the military cemeteries, man-made harbors and bullet hole-scarred buildings. In ...

Normandy's Peace and War Memorials: From Bayeux to Caen

4 Days Easy 136 KmAVG 68 Km
If the sand and sea could talk, imagine the stories you’d hear in Normandy. We arranged a short bicycle tour in honor of D-Day’s 70th anniversary, and it was so well received, we’re keeping it to honor every anniversary to come. Beginning in Bayeux and ending in Caen, this 4-day bicycle tour ...

Cycling Normandy and Brittany: From Bayeux to Saint-Malo

7 Days Mod-Advanced 389 KmAVG 77 Km
Perfect for the enthusiastic and experienced cyclist, you'll have the option of covering 70 km (43 miles) a day with this intense tour. Don't worry - there's so much to see and do in the day that you'll never be bored. In fact, the routes you'll be riding can be overwhelming with the amount of ...

Canal du Midi: From Montpellier to Carcassonne

7 Days Easy 225 KmAVG 45 Km
Linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, the Canal du Midi is one of mankind’s exceptional achievements… so exceptional that it’s been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ideal for navigating by barge, this 260 km-long canal is also perfect for cycling! The tow paths along the ...

Bordeaux to Toulouse Along the Canal de Garonne

7 Days Easy 291 KmAVG 58 Km
There’s no better way to understand the heart of southern France than to cycle through it and feel the beat! This self-guided cycling tour begins in the cultural capital of Bordeaux and ends in the inviting metropolis of Toulouse, but that’s only part of the story. Between them, you’ll follow ...

Biking the Vineyards and Mountains of Alsace

6 Days Adv-Challenging 351 KmAVG 87 Km
With over 2,000 kilometers of cycle routes winding through the region, over 15,000 hectares of vineyards, and the Vosges Mountains looming over pretty flowered villages, biking through Alsace is perfectly rewarding. Combining hard work and pleasure, this tour will introduce you to the traditions ...

A Royal Short Escape in the Loire Valley

5 Days Easy 185 KmAVG 46 Km
If you love cycling, castles, and country scenery, and you have a long weekend to spare, our escape in the riverfront Loire Valley is a dream come true! Travel along the river through vineyards, peaceful farmland, and little villages that remind you of a fairytale. That there are so many ...

Along the West Coast: Bastia to Ajaccio

8 Days Moderate 280 KmAVG 46 Km
Navigate and pedal your way past picturesque beaches, steep mountains, sheer cliffs and powerful historical sites on this route along Corsica's west coast. This tour has everything you could want, and you get to experience all of it first-hand from the seat of your bike. The tour's various ...

Magnificent Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay

6 Days Easy-Moderate 248 KmAVG 62 Km
Visualize yourself wheeling across vast expanses of flat farmland when suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, you spot something floating in the distance: a magnificent spire reaching toward the heavens, extending above tiers of weathered stone resting on a rocky island. This is one of France’s ...

Fairytale Castles Along the Loire River

8 Days Easy 297 KmAVG 49 Km
No amusement park comes close to the Loire Valley, an area so rich in historic and architectural heritage that the whole region has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Where else can you bicycle past Sleeping Beauty's Castle? The real one — not the Disney version! Here you’ll also find ...

Green Ways and Red Wines

8 Days Easy 299 KmAVG 49 Km
Featuring one of France’s longest greenways, Burgundy is a cyclist’s paradise. Our colorful itinerary takes you to the world’s most exceptional vineyards, from those producing varying shades of Burgundian red wines to the Charolais white! Travel through a palette of colors as varied and diverse ...

Tour of Alsace: Vosges mountains and Alsatian wine villages

8 Days Adv-Challenging 574 KmAVG 95 Km
Come and uncover France’s hidden facets with a tour in Alsace! A slice of two cultures, this populated French region has a strong Germanic influence. Tucked away in the western banks of the Rhine River, Alsace is complemented with views of the Vosges Mountains. Despite being small in size ...

Normandy Discovery: From Bayeux to Rouen via Honfleur

8 Days Easy 293 KmAVG 48 Km
This popular bicycle tour allows you to explore Normandy in all its glory. Beginning in Bayeux and ending in Rouen, you’ll bicycle through the countryside that gave rise to Impressionist painting and inspired the brushstrokes of Monet and Boudin. You’ll wheel along Normandy’s coast and visit ...

Catalonia Green and Blue

8 Days Mod-Advanced 455 KmAVG 75 Km
This is one of those rare bike tours that combine beaches and mountains, making it easy to understand why so many professional riders make this region their home base. Over the span of eight days, you’ll skirt the clear, lapping waters of the Mediterranean Sea along Spain’s famed Costa Brava ...

Chateaux and Castles: Chenonceau, Azay-le-Rideau & Villandry

8 Days Easy 221 KmAVG 36 Km
Do you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city to cycle along quiet, country roads at your own pace? If so, this tour was designed with you in mind! We invite you to explore the sights and sounds of the Loire River Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its bevy of romantic ...

The Treasures Of Black Perigord

8 Days Easy 170 KmAVG 34 Km
Périgord is the name of one of France’s historic provinces (in what is now called Dordogne), but its history goes back far beyond its name — all the way back to prehistory! This is where you’ll find evidence of early mankind: cave paintings, dwellings, ruins and more. Our tour will take you to ...

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