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Cyclomundo: Guided and self-guided, tours in France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. Use this page to interact with other fans, post reviews of trips you've taken with us, learn about our date-specific tours or just learn more about Cyclomundo.
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Mont Ventoux to Alpe d'Huez

6 Days Moderate-Advanced 365 Km
Forget watching the Tour de France on television — experience some of the most famous climbs in southwestern France for yourself on an extraordinary 6-day journey from Mont Ventoux to Alpe d’Huez. Cycle up the “Giant of Provence” — maybe even twice! — and follow our tried-and-tested itinerary ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 6 Jan 2017

Tour de France Mythic Climbs

5 Days Advanced / Challenging
We invite you to discover the battleground where attacks have been waged, battles have been won, and wars have been lost! This is the epic terrain which has determined Tour de France champions. The mountain passes in this area are among the toughest you can find in the French Alps. They ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 6 Jan 2017

A Short Escape Along the Dordogne River

4 Days Easy
Dordogne is the perfect getaway for a long week-end of relaxation, stress-free biking, and exceptional cuisine. If you’re making your rounds in France, you’ll find our short escape is a great way to enjoy some face time with southwestern France! Discover this region's treasures — Domme, la ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 6 Jan 2017

The Treasures Of Black Perigord

8 Days Easy
Périgord is the name of one of France’s historic provinces (in what is now called Dordogne), but its history goes back far beyond its name — all the way back to prehistory! This is where you’ll find evidence of early mankind: cave paintings, dwellings, ruins and more. Our tour will take you to ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 6 Jan 2017

Perigord and Quercy For Avid Riders

8 Days Advanced / Challenging
Looking to log quality miles on quiet back roads through incredible scenery? Look no further than Quercy and Périgord and our challenging itinerary that includes some of the best-known medieval and prehistoric sites in the region. Highlights include Souillac, Les Eyzies, Sarlat, La Roque ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 6 Jan 2017

Dordogne's Jewels And Treasures

8 Days Moderate 295 Km
On one of our most popular cycling tours of Dordogne, you’ll discover the quintessential towns and historic landmarks of Perigord and Quercy. Whether by wheel or on foot, you’re free to explore prehistoric dwellings, Roman ruins, medieval castles, and some of France’s official ‘most beautiful ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 5 Jan 2017

The Bilingual Greenway: From Bolzano to Verona

5 Days Easy-Moderate 155 Km
Looking for a trip that combines a sense of achievement, safe biking on easy terrain, extraordinary landscapes, diverse culture, great gastronomy, and more? This Italian cycling tour delivers it all in a mere five days! Starting from Bolzano in the mountains, you’ll end your journey in Verona ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Dolomites' Secret Downhill Climbs

5 Days Easy-Moderate 120 Km
This bilingual bike tour allows you to experience Italy’s German-speaking South Tyrol region. This does not mean you’ll be eating spaetzle-filled cannolis, but it does mean you’ll be experiencing the unique meshing of two cultures within the spectacular folds of Italy’s Dolomite Mountains ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Classic Alsace: Beautiful Villages Along the Wine Route

8 Days Easy 262 Km
With more than 4,000 kilometers of greenways, bikeways, bicycle paths, and lanes, Alsace is France’s most bike-friendly region. Young, old, fast, and slow riders share this extensive network that links places of amazing beauty, making cycling the best way — by far — to visit this very unique ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Alsace Intense: The Best and the Excellent

6 Days Easy 160 Km
Alsace is known for its excellent gastronomy and wines particular to the mix of French and German cultures found here, but there is so much more to this region! For cyclists, its exceptional bike paths make Alsace one of the best cycling destinations in France. You can cycle uninterrupted from ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Upper Provence, Ventoux, and Luberon

6 Days Moderate-Advanced
This six-day, self-guided bike tour allows you to explore the heart of Provence at your own pace. Beginning in Bédoin or Mazan and ending in Roussillon or Gargas, this bicycle tour features relatively short daily rides, allowing you to fully experience Provence rather than to just see it ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

The Upper French Alps: Geneva to Geneva

5 Days Moderate-Advanced
You'll be riding in what we affectionately call "our playground," since we cycle these roads regularly. Believe us, you'll be mesmerized by the scenery! With Lake Geneva and Mont-Blanc as a backdrop, your daily rides snake through the Chablais mountainous area and skirt the southern shore of ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Geneva to Alpe d'Huez

6 Days Advanced / Challenging
This award-winning cycling tour (one of our favorites) takes place in our playground — we’re based right across the border from Geneva, in France! This extraordinary journey will take you from the shores of Lake Geneva to the world-famous alpine resort of Alpe d'Huez. In between, you'll climb ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Avignon to Nice

8 Days Moderate-Advanced 520 Km
Provence is known for its pretty little villages with red tiled roofs, green, rolling hills covered in patches of lavender, and a warm, laid-back atmosphere. Though these characteristics are based on truth, in reality Provence is a sizeable region of France comprising smaller sections with ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

The Upper Quercy's Gems

8 Days Easy
Like Périgord, Quercy is a historic province of France — the region now belongs to multiple départements. Quercy’s defining features are the causses, or limestone plateaus, formed by centuries of wear and tear from the local rivers. Some of these causses are topped by chateaux or fortresses ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

L'Etape du Tour

4 Days Advanced / Challenging
A mass-timed cycling event, L' Etape du Tour allows thousands of cyclists to ride an actual stage of the Tour de France. Since 1993, the ASO, the Tour de France's parent company, organizes l'Etape du Tour to give riders the opportunity to prove themselves on one of the current year's toughest ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Via Rhôna: Geneva to Lyon

6 Days Easy-Moderate 245 Km
Ancient navigators first spurred the development of the Rhône River valley, bringing new ideas to a quiet region of fierce natural beauty. Over the centuries, some communities along its banks grew rapidly — into sophisticated cities like Lyon and Geneva, who still attract visitors in droves ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

A Short Escape In Beaujolais

4 Days Moderate-Advanced
Come and experience all that the Beaujolais region has to offer! (And no, it’s not just wine!) Burgundy's close proximity to Paris makes it the perfect choice for travelers on a tight schedule. Only 90 minutes away from Paris by TGV, an amazing adventure in Beaujolais is only a short train ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Beaujolais Cycling

6 Days Moderate-Advanced
Come and experience all that the Beaujolais region has to offer! (And no, it’s not just wine!) This beautiful region offers a wide variety of terrains for cycling and many historical sites, as well as vineyards for as far as the eye can see. Stop and picnic in the shade of a castle, or take a ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Lakes and Mountains: Geneva to Geneva via Annecy

3 Days Moderate
Ride your bike while gliding into the wintry panorama of the Swiss Alps. In this tour, you will be given the opportunity to take a peek at two contrasting worlds: Switzerland's famous global city, and the olden town of Annecy. Spanning for three days, this short adventure will take you onto ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Cycling Jaunt through Upper Provence and Luberon

4 Days Moderate
Though Provence is known for being warm, peaceful, and relaxing — which it certainly is – the landscapes in the region vary wildly. Cyclomundo indulges avid cyclists’ need for a brief escape from reality with a complex route that is exhilaratingly beautiful. From the sharp peaks of the ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 4 Jan 2017

Three Lake Cycling: Geneva, Bourget, Annecy

6 Days Easy-Moderate 230 Km
Sizzling scenery, mesmerizing mountains, and luscious lakes! Do you love cycling and exploring new areas by bike, but think the Alps is beyond your reach, because of - you know - climbing all those mountains? Are you more of a leisure cyclist than an avid “col”-climbing animal? Then look ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 3 Jan 2017

A Short Escape from Geneva

3 Days Easy 135 Km
Pictures cannot do justice to the most beautiful region of Switzerland — the one surrounding Lac Léman, or Lake Geneva. This leisurely cycling tour takes you from fresh water to flat lands, from the foot of the mountains through the vineyards of La Côte, and into medieval villages. From the ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 3 Jan 2017

Geneva to Montreux

6 Days Moderate 260 Km
Come and experience the magic that Switzerland has to offer! From the business hub of Geneva, to the musical town of Montreux, your ride will be filled with beautiful views of the Europe’s second-largest freshwater lake, and of course, plenty of delicious Swiss chocolate. You will be treated to ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 3 Jan 2017

Cycling Through Lavender

6 Days Moderate
Embrace the wonderful colors and perfume-like scents of Provence’s favorite fragrant bloom on a tour through the region’s favorite lavender fields. Our itinerary is a celebration of lavender in all its forms, whether cultivated by locals or growing wild in the fields, in soaps and oils or even ...
Updated by Cyclomundo on 3 Jan 2017

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