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Trans Dikti
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8 hours
Off-road (unsealed)
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Mountain bike
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58 Km
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Trans Dikti

mountain bike tour crossing Dikti mountains from Lasithi Plateau to Istro beach

8 Hours Mod-Advanced 58 Km

An epic mountain bike tour that crosses all Dikti mountains from Lasithi Plateau to Istro bay, with amazing views, unique landscapes and endless downhills.
The tour is recommended only for experienced cyclists.
After 45 minutes of car transfer we reach Ambelos pass at 900 meters of Altitude. A warm up in the famous Lasithi plateau and then starts the main uphill (400meters) to Katharo plateau. The view of Lasithi plateau from 1220 meters of altitude is amazing. After a short downhill and a stop to view Havgas canyon we arrive to Avdeliako village where we do a short pause for refreshments and energy snack in a small traditional café. We ride again the bikes and we cross all Katharo plateau. We reach the south slopes of Dikti and we ride around the mountains with amazing view of Selakano forest, Chrisi island and Thripti mountains.
After some very short uphills (20-30meters) through magnificent sceneries with Pine and Oak trees we start to descend to Helona plateu. The road is full of stones and we do several stops to take photos and rest the hands. The view changes and now we can gaze the Merabelo gulf and Istro bays. A narrow old rocky road leads us to Prina village where we refill our bottles with cool water from a fountain. At the end a last downhill through a Pine forest and the tour ends at Marias canteen to taste some souvlaki next to the sea.
Our mini bus waits for us at Istro bay and after 50 minutes of driving we arrive back to CyclingCreta bike center.
Booking Conditions
Minimum age 16
Group Deal: Discount up to 15% for groups!
mountain bike
helmet & gloves
platform or shimano spd pedals
pick-up and drop-off service
water bottle
local guide
coffee and snack stop
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