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Cycling Safaris

Irish Cycling Safaris have been organising bike tours in the west coast of Ireland since 1989. Since then we have expanded our cycling holidays to cover the length and breadth of Ireland as well as numerous locations all over Europe. However our ethos has not changed over that time, we still aim to offer good quality biking tours in the most beautiful scenery at affordable prices.
Their Tours

Le Moulin du Chemin

7 Days 111 Km
This self guided cycling holiday is notable for idyllic surroundings, superb cuisine and plenty of good wine in a convivial atmosphere, which together with a reasonable price make for a thoroughly enjoyable holiday experience! The accommodation is situated at Pay de Gatine, 80km from Rochelle ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Jul 2016

Cyclade Islands

8 Days Easy-Moderate 147 Km
The Cyclades, which comprise more than 30 islands, were the cradle of the first European civilised society 5,000 years ago. It is also here that Greece shows its most unadulterated side in all its variety: Gleaming white cubic houses with blue shutters and labyrinth lanes give the typical ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Aug 2015

Sweden Gotakanal

9 Days Easy-Moderate 380 Km
Göta kanal is the most famous water way through Sweden from Kattegatt to the Baltic see. You are biking in a lovely varied nature on the canalpath with its shadowing trees and green surroundings. The canal has an interesting traffic of holiday boats with happy crews from all over the ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Sweden Sormland

8 Days Easy-Moderate 295 Km
Sormland is Sweden’s pleasure garden. Numerous manors and pleasure palaces nestle up along a lot of small Lakes. This beautiful park landscape is located between Malar and the East Sea, about 100 km western of Stockholm. More than 1000 inland Lakes, unspoilt nature, forests, picturesque ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Lithuania to Estonia

10 Days Easy 350 Km
Explore the Baltic coast and the National Parks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on very scenic routes. The tour includes the three capital cities – Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn – with their Old towns designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO; and the previously-closed Curonian Spit and ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Lithuania to Latvia

8 Days Easy 220 Km
The Baltic coast and National Parks of Lithuania and Latvia explored on highly scenic routes, including the two capital cities –Vilnius and Riga – with their old towns designated by UNESCO as the World Heritage Sites; and featuring the previously-closed Curonian Spit. Start your tour in ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Lithuanian Seaside

8 Days Easy 190 Km
Our Safari explores the unique countryside, coastline and towns that make up this fascinating country that was formerly part of the USSR. The biking is very leisurely as the country is not hilly. You start our safari in Klaipeda from where you cycle on asphalt bicycle paths of the newly ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Brussels to Bruges

7 Days Easy 275 Km
Surprisingly close and surprisingly beautiful. That’s the way to describe the various region of Flanders and Brussels in a short way. Flanders and Europe’s capital Brussels offer holiday joy for everybody: lovely bike tours through beautiful landscapes, culinary joy in great restaurants ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Amsterdam to Bruges

8 Days Easy 225 Km
This bike and boat tour sets off in the charming, abundantly decorated city of Bruges. From here we cycle towards the lively city of Ghent, full of entertainment and among other things known for its many different types of beer. Both cities had their heyday in the Middle Ages, long before the ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Top Of Amsterdam

8 Days Easy 221 Km
This new tour brings you over small dykes and country roads. Many of the windmills are still in working order. You can get a feel for the old Dutch atmosphere in Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Edam and Volendam: traditional costumes, sailing ships and long johns on the clotheslines. On day 4 you’ll sail to ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Amsterdam Super Tulip

8 Days Easy 275 Km
The tulip may have originated in Turkey but it found its home in Amsterdam! The tulip bulb reached The Netherlands at the end of the 16th century. The Flower and bulb were thought to be so special that a lively trade arose quite quickly. In 1634 there was one single bulb that was so expensive, a ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Amsterdam Southern Relax Tulip

8 Days Easy 197 Km
The tulip originated in Turkey. The tulip bulb reached The Netherlands at the end of the 16th century. The flower and bulb were thought to be so special that a lively trade arose quite quickly. In 1634 there was one single bulb that was so expensive, a whole canal side house could be bought ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Istria Cycling Cruise

8 Days Moderate 225 Km
“The heart of Europe" is what the Istrians call their peninsula, inspired by its shape and its position at the crossroads of European arteries, cultures and nations. This is where Central Europe and the world of Mediterranean meet. On this tour we explore the most popular part of the Croatian ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

The National Parks and Islands

8 Days Moderate 200 Km
Croatia has a beautiful coast with thousands of islands, reefs and bays. Numerous romantic ruins, charming hills, countless natural beauties and phenomena are waiting to be discovered. On one of our easiest tours, we invite you to spend week on a ship cruising between the mainland and the ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Southern Dalmatian Islands

8 Days Moderate 210 Km
Our cycle-tours in Southern Dalmatia, which is the smallest and most sparsely populated region of Croatia, will take us past unique little towns and the beautiful island countryside. These tours will let us experience the beautiful island of Korčula with its picturesquely situated old ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Dalmatian Islands Plus

8 Days Moderate 150 Km
Popular with sailors from all over the world, Croatia boosts over 1000 islands dotted in a spectacular turquoise sea lapping along a breathtaking landscape of mostly untouched coastline. Our tour by bike and boat is the perfect way to experience the numerous inlets, bays and medieval towns ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Montenegro Bike & Hotel

5 Days Moderate 172 Km
This year, we have replaced the Montenegro Bike & Boat tour with a Bike & Hotel tour. On this tour, which can be perfectly combined with our boat & bike trips from Dubrovnik, we discover some particularly picturesque towns as well as the fantastic coast of Montenegro. Departure point of this ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Wine And The Wellness Tour

8 Days Easy-Moderate 194 Km
Northeast Slovenia offers the appealing combination of cycling through charming countryside dominated by vineyards and some inclusive wine tasting, coupled with enjoying thermal spas to relax those muscles at the end of the day. Less mountainous than western Slovenia and with a lower average ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Best of Slovenia

11 Days Moderate 346 Km
Slovenia was formerly part of Yugoslavia (gaining Independence in 1992) and was one of the ten accession countries that joined the EU in May 2004 (indeed the richest and economically well advanced). A relatively small country in terms of size and population (just two million) it has a very ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Pearls of Slovenia

8 Days Moderate 236 Km
Nestling under Austria’s southern Alps and warmed by Italy’s Mediterranean sun, Slovenia is a small country with a big geography. Slovenian’s are justifiably proud of their country’s glorious unspoilt scenery and take great pleasure in welcoming tourists, making them perhaps the friendliest you ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

Slovenia – Emerald Route

8 Days Easy-Moderate 243 Km
In a week you can explore the beauty and diversity of Slovenia. From Ljubljana you cycle across an immense marshy plain that formed about 6000 years ago from a former lake that dried up and left an incredibly diverse landscape with a unique wildlife behind. You continue cycling past Slivnica ...
Updated by CTG on 8 Mar 2014

The Long Circuit around Lake Constance

7 Days Easy-Moderate
The Lake Constance cycle route is the most popular cycle route in Europe. The main highlights are the medieval towns of Konstanz, Stein, Meersburg and Lindau. In comparison to other cycle routes the daily routes are relatively short as there are a variety of places and attractions waiting to ...
Updated by CTG on 7 Mar 2014

Lake Constance

7 Days Easy-Moderate 225 Km
Cycle along the Danube-Lake Constance Cycle Path from the highest church tower in the world in Ulm to Lake Constance. The landscape of Upper Swabia comprises of gentle, rolling hills, large moors and pretty, little towns filled with Baroque architecture. The green Allgäu region is famous for ...
Updated by CTG on 7 Mar 2014

The Swiss Lakes

7 Days Easy 270 Km
From Konstanz on Lake Constance to Interlaken on Lake Thun, this tour will lead you past another seven lakes. The Rheinfall Waterfall near Schaffhausen, the ‘Hohle Gasse’ in Kussnacht and the Einsiedeln monastery, along the well preserved cities of Luzern and Zurich are the highlight of the ...
Updated by CTG on 7 Mar 2014

The Bavarian Hops

8 Days Easy-Moderate 270 Km
Hopfen und Malz - Gott - erhalt‘s - a toast, which literally translated means: Hops and malt for beer - may God preserve them here! The Hallertau between Lower and Upper Bavaria is the biggest hops region in the world and a lovely place to cycle. The Danube, Isar and Abens rivers provide you ...
Updated by CTG on 7 Mar 2014

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, unfortunately transcription errors do occur and although we continually seek to eliminate these we apologise for any mistakes. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.

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