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Cycling Poland
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Wroclaw Dolnyslask 50-076
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Cycling Poland

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Kraków, UNESCO Wooden Churches, & Tatra Foothills

7 Days Moderate 380 Km
Krakow acts as a magnet for over 7 million tourists each year and is the most visited city in Poland for many reasons. Sitting royally in the region known as ‘Little Poland’ it epitomises the grandeur, romance, and history of one of Europe’s greatest and most beautiful medieval cities and ...
Updated by CTG on 28 Apr 2014

Wrocław, the Odra River & the 3 Kingdoms

7 Days Moderate 355 Km
The region of Lower Silesia is one of renowned beauty. This tour begins and ends in Wroclaw, the region’s capital. Wroclaw is replete with Gothic churches, Flemish style Renaissance mansions, Viennese Baroque palaces & chapels, tranquil parks, gardens, & rivers, and a vibrant cultural scene ...
Updated by CTG on 28 Apr 2014

Gdańsk, the Baltic, and the Teutonic Knights

7 Days Moderate 435 Km
Gdańsk, the home of the Solidarity movement, once a member of the Hanseatic league, and the largest city of the Kashubian ethnic group. Gdańsk has certainly come a long way from its origins as a fishing village in the 9th century and it is the jewel of a region which ranges from the sand dunes ...
Updated by CTG on 28 Apr 2014

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