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Cycling Japan
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Cycling Japan

You probably know already that Japan is a beautiful country to explore by bicycle. Outside big cities, the land is sparsely populated and with little traffic, but still offering good cycling infrastructure. There are numerous country backroads you never expect them to be there, and many of those are tarsealed and very comfortable to ride. A number of our customers told us that Japanese drivers are very courteous, and that their time in Japan exceeded their past experience overseas! The diversity of food, culture, history and natural environment within Japan is so interesting that these people could not help but return to Japan.
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Mt.Fuji Hakone Izu

6 Days
Cycling around highest and the most sacred mountain Mt.Fuji is a must-do when you are visiting Japan. The picture perfect volcanic cone is in sight all day while cycling at the foot of Mt. Fuji in the beautiful Fuji Five Lakes area. Izu peninsula, blessed with fresh seafood from the local port ...

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