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Cycling Escape Srilanka
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Sri Lanka
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Cycling Escape Srilanka

Cycling Escape Srilanka

We warmly welcome you to the Cycling Escape, Sri Lanka……! An unforgettable experience - cycling across ancient cities, tropical rain forests, reservoirs, terrain, valleys, mountains, beaches and pristine remote villages. With Cycling Escape Sri Lanka is one of the best ways to explore Sri Lanka's varied landscapes, cultural heritage and rural life and Most of our tours indulge in with more adventure activities such as Agro, Ballooning, wildlife safaris, water sport, whales and dolphin watching, camping, cousin, rafting and many more... All of our tours will be arranged as Day, designed and tailor made holiday, guided by experienced cyclists. Tours are suitable for any enthusiastic cyclist in reasonable shape, spare parts, wheels, tools, etc. During all of the rides we will offer water, soft drinks and fresh fruit. King coconut if desired, Maintenance service is free of charge During our tours wearing a helmet is mandatory. We look forward to meeting you, and to helping to make your visit an unforgettable success!
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Explore the historical treasures in Sri Lanka

6 Days
Cycling and mountain biking In Sri Lanka is an excellent way to get pleasure and glimpse of all the nook and corner in small Teardrop Island. Our two wheel tours not to be paddling tours. Our Green foot cycling tours allow you to do great cycling and covering cultural heritage sits, mountains ...

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