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Cycling Creta
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Lyttos Beach Hotel
Hersonisos Crete
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Cycling Creta

Cycling Creta

Their love for cycling and curiosity to discover the unknown beauties of the island led them to endless hours of cycling.

Excited and hungry to know as many places as possible, they explored Crete by bicycle inch by inch. Snowy mountains, stunning gorges, rocky trails, dense forests, deserted beaches, small villages, authentic people.

All their mountain bike tours are different so you can see all the different type of landscapes of Crete. They are confident that you will love it.
Their Tours

Transcrete- MTB tour of Central Crete

8 Days Moderate 286 KmAVG 47 Km
Transcrete is a selection of our favorite mountain bike tours at the three most beautiful mountains of Crete that encompasses the best features of this mythic island. Enjoy swimming at the most beautiful beaches, taste the famous Cretan cuisine and explore the unique biodiversity. Every tour and ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017

Cretan Bike Panorama

8 Days
Cretan Bike Panorama is an exclusive trip that combines the best one way cycling routes of Crete. This trip will immerse you into the Cretan nature, culture, local history, traditions and cuisine. Cretan bike panorama is focused on experiences not on training. We do not want to improve your ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017


8 Days Moderate
Cretanization is a collection of bike tours in order to get a complete view of Crete. We do not do five bike tours at the same area. Crete is a big island and we want to show you all the different landscapes and aspects of our island and all this in combination with taste our cuisine and explore ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017

Bike Training Week

8 Days
CyclingCreta and Lyttos Beach Hotel offer to all sport enthusiasts an unforgettable experience in a magnificent area at the center of Crete next to the sea. Lyttos Beach Hotel is Cretas leading sports center equipped with dozens facilities. This is the place that professional or hobby ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017

Crete Self-Guided GPS Tour

1 Days
Rent a mountain bike with a GARMIN gps computer and follow the tours that we created especially for you. The bike computers are preloaded with cycling tours for different levels of difficulty for touring or training. The tours follow rural roads in good condition and low traffic asphalt roads ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017

Lasithi Descent

5.5 Hours Moderate 41 Km
This is a moderate one way mountain bike tour for mountain bikers, road cyclists and very active people that do an other sport frequently. The tour starts from the famous Lasithi plateu and after an ascent of 300 meters we reach the highest point of the tour. From 1100 meters of altitude on ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017

Ancient Lyttos

5.5 Hours Moderate 48 Km
One way mountain bike tour for mountain bikers and road cyclists only. The first part of the tour starts from Mochos village witha with a downhill to Aposelemis artificial lake and breathtaking view of the lake and Dikti mountains. We reach the sinking village Sfendyli and a relaxed ride next ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017


4.5 Hours Easy-Moderate 19 Km
This is a tour for those that do some sports casually. During the easy uphill you will impresed of the olive forest of Avdou village , the magnificent view of Ampelos and Rozas canyons, the valley with the traditional villages and the hills where in the past ruled the Ancient Minoan City Lyttos. ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017

Trans Dikti

8 Hours Mod-Advanced 58 Km
An epic mountain bike tour that crosses all Dikti mountains from Lasithi Plateau to Istro bay, with amazing views, unique landscapes and endless downhills. The tour is recommended only for experienced cyclists. After 45 minutes of car transfer we reach Ambelos pass at 900 meters of Altitude. A ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017

Herbs & Olives

4.5 Hours Easy 15 Km
Feel the wind on your face, listen the twits of the birds, smell the fragrant herbs, touch the ancient olive trees, see the view of the mountains, taste some real Cretan cuisine. Bike tour for all focused on the direct contact with the nature rather than the sport character of cycling. The best ...
Updated by CTG on 16 Oct 2017

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